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  25 Dec 2019

ITMA 2019 heartily welcomed Biancalani brand new textile machineries.

People say an exhibition is interesting just for a limited period of time and then it’s not worth attending anymore. But not ITMA. People say a company is strong for a limited period of time and then it’s not worth doing business with anymore. But not Biancalani. These are horses of a different color. And the ones running for Biancalani are patented winners.

Tests and updates. That’s what ITMA – world’s most famous textile machinery exhibition – asks its exhibitors, in order to present to regular costumers effective, efficient and evolved machinery. Which means no time waste, no money waste, sure hit business. Biancalani – a historic Italian company in the textile machinery industry – has presented crisp news and the evolutions of their already effective machines in Barcelona past June. Tested. Updated. In a few words, what customers expected to see.

More than 1,000 visitors from all the textile world have attended Biancalani’s stand during ITMA 2019. All of them were eager to grab up-to-date information regarding new textile machineries or how to improve their production. And Biancalani had thought about any possible option: questions to be answered, brand new machineries to present and improved items to transform an already performing machinery in an impressive one. 

Few clients didn’t know that Biancalani is an export-specialized milestone in the textile world, but to describe a company from scratch is always a pleasure at exhibitions. And so it is to see real interest in the clients’ feedback. That interest was particularly awakened by the ultra-competitive colorful-touch-screened textile machineries presented:

  • AQUARIA®: prevent any money or time waste with a never-seen-before continuous open width washing machine. Air and water are now working together to serve your purposes. You just need to find out the countless washing processes that can be performed. Most intensive mechanical action and a modular adaptable configuration. Based on the AIRO® winning concept, AQUARIA® guarantees a quick, smooth defect-free treatment in the washing process. Obviously connectable with continuous driers – such as AIRO®24 and BRIO®24
  • AIRO24EVO5: the ones who have never touched a fabric finished with AIRO® drying and washing machine, will be just double-stunned. The so-called AIRO® hand is at its best thanks to AIRO24EVO5 version – the ultimate machinery for continuous tumbler users. Welcomes any kind of woven and non-woven fabric. Even more remarkable used in pair with AQUARIA®.
  • AIRBOX: the ultimate high-speed, continuous, compact open-width dryer. What you need to know is that AIRBOX can be easily used as a stand-alone (pre)drying unit, but it even increases the production capacity of any continuous tumbler of more than 50%. Occupying the minimum possible space – we are talking about a couple of meters. Right, not to forget it: with the minimum possible consumption. The client knows exactly what it means.
  • BRIO®24: the one-of-a-kind expandable rock&relax drying solution for open width and tubular fabric, so relaxing it could rock a baby to sleep or any kind of knitted fabric to stabilization. Based on BRIO® perfect efficient technology, it reaches results only drum tumblers can. Recipes organizing option. No imperfections allowed.

Next stop is Shanghaitex Exhibition in China, customized according to Asian market needs. It will be a great pleasure to welcome Asian customers, listen to their needs, introduce our solutions. 

Not enough yet. Since years, we have focused part of our research department on a specific textile action and we are about to present it to the textile world. Just start thinking about what our company could do in the post printing washing process.

Quality still exists. 

Biancalani patented it.

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