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Continuous relax dryer for open width and tubular knitted fabrics

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Endless relax for knits

BRIO®24 (Patented) is specifically designed for relax-drying and stabilising any kind of knitted fabric, in any composition and weight, both in tubular and open form, ensuring the highest degree of shrinkage and permanent stability, with a soft hand and increased volume, in a completely safe and tensionless continuous process.

The new BRIO®24 combines the patented technology of the BRIO with the production capacity and the convenience of a continuous open-width process, offering the production volume of an efficient tensionless drying, shrinking and relaxing machine together with stability levels that were once only possible to reach with traditional tumblers.

Relax dryer with outstanding results

Shrinkage values up to 20% with constantly near-zero residuals after washing, reduction of residual spirality in tubular knits, increased volume and bulkiness, and a nice soft hand.

Treatments and results which can be obtained with BRIO®24 are:

  • Open-width continuous drying and active relaxing of knitted goods
  • Stabilization of any kind of knitted fabric, tubular or open
  • Reduction of residual spirality in tubular knits
  • Open-width tumbling treatment, without tensions or defects
  • Good hand, softness, and volume

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Technical specifications

Working width
up to 220 cm open, or tubular any size
Production speed
5-50 m/min
Processing speed
up to 500 shakings per minute
Fabric inlet
free / pin chain / in line from other devices
Fabric delivery
plaiter / in line to other devices
Maximum air temperature 150°C (pre-drying), 120°C (treatment)
Production capacity
up to 16 ton/day
Installed electrical power starting from 87 kW
Installed thermal power
starting from 450 kW
Average utilisation of gas | steam
starting from 13 Nm/h (gas) | 190 kg/h (steam)
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