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Open-width (pre)drying

Biancalani AIRBOX, the modular high-efficiency open-width continuous drying unit, which can work either as integrated pre-drying system or independent high-capacity dryer.

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What is AIRBOX?

AIRBOX is a continuous, compact and efficient open-width drying unit, patented by Biancalani, designed to work either as integrated pre-dryer for AIRO®24, or as a stand-alone system, which can be connected in line with other machines or used as independent dryer. The AIRBOX pre-dryer can considerably increase the productivity of any drying or tumbling line, while as stand-alone unit it offers an extremely favourable ratio between evaporation capacity and footprint size.

Built-in efficiency and scalability

The jet-stream drying principle (patented by Biancalani) on which the AIRBOX is based, exploits high differential speed between air and fabric in order to ensure high levels of evaporation capacity in a compact form factor: with just 2 meters of length and minimal energy consumption, you can easily add more than 200 kg/h of evaporation capacity to your line.  

AIRBOX is available also in the XL version with two drying sections, and in configurations with 4, 6, 8 and more drying sections, offering increasing productivity levels, which are capable of satisfying every drying requirement.

Integrated with AIRO®24

When installed together with an AIRO®24, AIRBOX can remarkably increase the speed of the line (up to 50% increase in productivity). In such configuration, AIRBOX is completely integrated with the AIRO®24, and all the parameters of the pre-dryer are seamlessly managed from the main control panel.

Pre-dryer or stand-alone

AIRBOX is an extremely versatile solution, a perfect tailor-made partner for any drying need, available with all types of entry and exit sections in order to be synchronized within any processing line, or used as a stand-alone drying unit for knitted and woven fabrics. 

All the working parameters are controlled via a colour touch-screen, which includes a complete recipe management system and advanced diagnostics with the possibility of remote support.


Technical Specifications



AIRBOX 4-6-8...(*)

Available working widths

Up to 3600 cm

Production speed

Up to 3600 mm 5 - 50 m/min (up to 80 m/min on request)

Fabric inlet

Free / A-frame / in line

Fabric outlet

Plaiter / A-frame / in line

Maximum air temperature

200° C

Installed electrical power

Starting from 30 kW

Installed thermal power

Starting from 250 kW

Number of heads



+ 2

Total length of drying channel

9 m

15 m

+ 12 m

Evaporation capacity up to

300 kg/h

480 kg/h

+ 360 kg/h

Average utilisation of gas

20 Nm3/h

30 Nm3/h

+ 10 Nm3/h

Average utilisation of steam

250 kg/h

400 kg/h

+ 300 kg/h


2100 mm

2700 mm

+ 1200 mm

Width (starting from)

From 4750 mm


3300 mm

*The data shown can be changed at any time without prior notice due to product modification and improvement

Example configurations and lines





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