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Dryer for continuous and open-width tumbling treatments of woven, non-woven, and knitted fabrics

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AIRO® Hand: softness, volume, drape and dimensional stability

From natural fibers to artificial and synthetic ones in all types of construction such as woven, knitted, flock and non-woven, Airo®24 allows different applications: apparel, upholstery, home, and technical textiles.

Cotton, linen, silk, wool, polyamide, Tencel, Lyocell, Modal, nylon… With Airo®24 (Patented) all types of products such as natural fibers, artificial fibers and synthetic fibers can be treated without limits in terms of weight and width. Results are obtained in complete safety and without defects for a high-quality finishing style.

Some of the treatments and results which can be obtained with AIRO®24 are:

  • Drying and intensive tumbling, mechanical chemical-free softening, on dry fabric or with steam application
  • Softness, volume, drape, dimensional stability, elasticity and sewability (AIRO® Hand)
  • Opening of the chenille, three-dimensionality on jacquards
  • Depth and richness of colours on yarn-dyed fabrics
  • Swelling, perfect straightening (super-soft, super-swelling) and de-twisting of the loops on terry towels
  • Uniformity and no directionality on pile fabrics
  • Hand breaking and AIRO® hand on particularly rigid fabrics, coupled and laminated
  • Grain-enhancement and natural/aged look on synthetic leather
  • Peachy hand on emerized and brushed surfaces
  • Single pass high efficiency polimerization of resins, resilience, crease-resistance (easy care), wrinkled effect and casual look
  • Defibrillation and cleaning treatment after bio-polishing and surface finishing
  • Softness and uniformity of the surface on printed cloths
  • Preparation for subsequent treatments (shearing, coating…)

AIRO® style: high quality finishing style which has no equal in the world

Powerful and frugal, designed to ensure the best results on any fabric for every textile finishing treatment

The combination of temperature and mechanical action on the fabric, the ratio of new and recirculated air injected into the treatment channel and the high air speed, optimize the thermal efficiency of AIRO® 24. Together with its low electrical consumption, AIRO® 24 offers flexible and extremely efficient production, delivering the least cost per metre of processed fabric.

The specific design of the machine avoids the need for maintenance and eliminates the risk of yellowing fabric, even when using the highly efficient microprocessor-controlled gas burner as an alternative (or together, thanks to the twin heating option) to the other heating systems such as steam and diathermic oil.

The SMART-SWITCH 2.0 technology

The SMART-SWITCH system 2.0, patented by Biancalani, intelligently controls and optimizes  the change of direction of the air and fabric, allowing to finely modulate the intensity of the mechanical action independently from the drying power. From lightweight materials to heavier ones made of delicate yarn, every type of fabric can benefit from this technology, with a considerable increase in drying capacity and productivity: strong when needed, gentle where deserved.


The patented H-SHUTTER device, that independently varies the width of each end of the treatment channel, increases the performance of the machine, providing extreme flexibility for special treatments such as on polar fleece.


With the new and patented FLEXFLOW option, the height of the treatment channel can be modulated in a range of ±50%, allowing to adaptively shape the flow of the process air and perfectly match it to the characteristics of the fabric, for an optimized process which leads to unprecedented levels of flexibility, productivity  and energy saving.

Double capacity: AIRO®24 Tandem

In AIRO®24 the loop of terry towel relaxes and gets positioned vertically with respect to the fabric, and the tandem version of AIRO®24 (patented), specially designed for the needs of terry towel and velvet producers, offers a double drying capacity compared with the standard machine. Also on this variant, the SMART-SWITCH 2.0 can be applied in order to further increase the drying capacity of the machine.

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Technical specifications

Available working widths
up to 360 cm
Production speed (fabric in/out)
3-50 m/min
Processing speed
up to 2800 m/min
Fabric inlet
free / roll / In line from other devices
Fabric delivery
plaiter / roll / In line to other devices
Maximum air temperature
Evaporation capacity
up to 750 Kg/h with a single machine
Installed electrical power
starting from 90 kW
Installed thermal power
up to 800 kW
Average utilization of gas | steam
30 Nm/h (gas) | 520 Kg/h (steam)
Max consumption of compressed air
500 Nl/min
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