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Combined washing and milling machine for woollen fabrics

Biancalani MILLA, the state-of-the-art solution for washing and milling of any type of woollen fabric.

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Here’s MILLA

Coming from the tradition of quality and the expertise of Biancalani, MILLA is the state-of-the-art solution for combined washing and milling of any type of woollen fabric. Pure-wool or blended, carded or combed, woven or knitted: MILLA is designed for optimal performances ensuring thorough and deep milling on heavy fabrics, and a safe action on lightweight articles, for perfect results, always.

Four washing milling channel MILLA Biancalani

Four washing and milling channel

Combining a clean and efficient design with innovative technological solutions, MILLA is able to meet the requirements of a modern wool-processing plant, by reliably delivering consistent results, matching high productivity with flexibility and ease of use and maintenance.

smart design high productivity MILLA Biancalani

Smart design for high productivity

The special design of the self-supporting body, entirely in stainless steel, guarantees a high loading capacity, as well as toughness and durability, with a compact form factor.

The pressure of the milling box plates can be set independently for each channel, and a pneumatic lightening device for the upper cylinder, together with special grooved synthetic rubber covering of the cylinders, ensures complete safety of the process.

control panel display MILLA Biancalani

Ease of use and maintenance

All the operational parameters are monitored and easily managed through an integrated touch-screen display connected with the PLC, which also controls the automatic introduction of chemical products from the external tank.

Wide front opening for loading and unloading operations and full rear access allow users to easily inspect the machine and simplify the maintenance operations.

Applications and processes

MILLA can be used to obtain perfect washing and milling results on any kind of woollen and wool-blended fabric, in weights ranging from 100 to 1200 grams per metre, woven and knitted, carded and combed, for a really wide range of applications, from men's and women's apparel, to automotive, home textile, and special-purpose materials (billiards table cloth, tennis balls…).



Air-jet fabric repositioning

A special air-jet device, originally patented by Biancalani and successfully implemented over the years, enables the fabric to open up, change position, and relax completely at the exit point of the milling box. This device avoids the formation of creases or permanent strains in the fabric and eases the processing of open-form fabric when needed, while helping the milling action by lightly compressing the fabric. 

Water heating system

An automatic water-steam mixing system makes it possible to heat the water at the right temperature (controlled by the PLC) while it is being introduced into the vat.

Furthermore, a steam distributor located on the internal basin can heat the water which drips there from the fabric before it is returned into the vat, thus maintaining the desired temperature

Programming and remote maintenance

MILLA is completely inverter-driven for highest energy efficiency, and fully controlled by a PLC interfaced with a touch-screen display, simple and immediate.

An in-line self-diagnostic system allows for constant monitoring of the working status of the machine and for the immediate identification of any intervention zone. 


Technical specifications

Number of channels


Loading capacity

150 Kg/channel

Treatment speed

25-500 m/min

Distance between fabric
guide wings

50-170 mm

Capacity of tank for chemical

600 L

Maximum water capacity of the vat

2500 L

Maximum water temperature

60° C

Installed electrical power

70 kW

Average absorbed electrical power

49 kW

Dimensions (W x L x H)

4650 x 4700 x 3450 mm

Depth of foundation

600 mm


9000 Kg

*The data shown can be changed at any time without prior notice due to product modification and improvement

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