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Biancalani Textile Machinery designs and develops quality solutions for fabric preparation and finishing, manufacturing 100% made in Italy machinery for the worldwide textile processing industry.

Biancalani assistance and customer support

The passion and experience that we put into the design and production of these machines and lines together with our constant research towards efficiency and sustainability, have led us to become leaders in the market, gaining recognition and appreciation from customers all over the world. We offer effective and environment-conscious solutions for preparation and finishing of every type of fabric, in any composition and construction, for countless applications in the textile production area. All our staff here in Biancalani have one goal in mind: offer our customers the highest level of satisfaction. For this very reason, the concrete reliability of our solutions and the strength of our relationships with customers, from pre-sales technological consulting and testing, to technical assistance, are a source of huge pride for us.

Our core values


We strive to offer the highest quality to our customers as a support to help them guarantee quality to their own clients.


We strongly believe in building long-term relationships with all our partners, giving them an active and leading role in our business strategy.


We look for new approaches and solutions to social and environmental challenges in order to offer long-term value.


We develop technology that is geared towards concrete results: efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.



Textile drying

Drying and tumble-drying of all types of fabric, in any width, weight, and composition, with a high-efficiency open-width continuous process (attested by Green Label) which offers high productivity and perfect results allowing significant energy saving, and with special multifunction machines and lines. Discover our flexible and efficient solutions for drying, tumble drying, drying with mechanical softening, relaxed drying, drying without surface contact, and pre-drying for any application.

Textile washing, preparation, wet finishing

Wet treatments for preparation and finishing of all types of fabric, in any width, weight and composition, with a high-efficiency open-width continuous process, and with dedicated machines for specific functions. Washing after printing, washing after dyeing, organic scouring, desizing, eco-bleaching, weight reduction of polyester, Tencel™ Lyocell and Bemberg™ Cupro preparation, denim treatments, bio-polishing and enzyme washing of all cellulosic fibres, silk treatments, wool milling, délavé/ageing and many other effects.

Fabric softening

Mechanical softening of fabric can be performed during the drying stage, on dry fabric, or with steam application, reducing and in some cases avoiding the usage of chemical softeners, for a more sustainable long-lasting treatment. Any fabric can benefit from an increase of volume, drape, bulkiness, and softness: the inimitable AIRO® Hand. This kind of treatment is ideal for terry towel, velvet, corduroy, relax of stretch woven and denim fabric and dimensional stabilization in general.

Wool scouring and milling

Dedicated scouring and milling/fulling machines ensure high productivity values with perfect and consistent results for any type of woollen fabric: woven or knitted, pure wool or blended, carded or worsted, light and heavy. In addition to scouring, special effects such as light milling are obtained also with an open-with continuous process, which matches high productivity and low water consumption.

Special applications

Single pass resin application + polymerization + softening; complete preparation and finishing of Tencel™ Lyocell and Bemberg™ Cupro; 100% sustainable eco-bleaching treatments; intensive steaming treatments; lamb skin effect on fleece; fibrillation and defibrillation of cellulosic fibres; opening of the chenille; délavé and vintage effect; hand breaking on rigid fabric; casual look and wrinkled effect; surface uniformity on printed cloths; pre-shrinking of fabric; peachy hand on brushed surfaces; grain enhancement and natural/aged look on synthetic leather; light felting/milling on woollen fabric.


Our mission

Retain our position as market leader through the continuous research of cutting-edge technology in the textile preparation and finishing sector thanks to the design and construction of textile machines that generate added value for our customers, satisfying – and often exceeding – their expectations.




Fiorenzo Biancalani opens the Biancalani Factory.

In a period of great excitement and growth of the Prato textile industry, Fiorenzo Biancalani, an intelligent and good friend to the Tuscan textile industrialists opens the Officina Meccanica Biancalani in Prato, a prototype of the factory as it stands today.


First Attendance at ITMA in Hannover.

In 1975 Biancalani attend ITMA and begin their expansion into the foreign market. Here, the BP2, a high speed rope washing machine and the BP4, a combined milling and washing machine, both for wollen fabrics, are introduced to the public and are much appreciated. Not long after that, the Universal is launched: a combined milling and washing machine for wollen fabrics that uses air, for the first time, in a wet finishing treatment. In the following years, Fiorenzo's three children, Rossano, Rossana and Massimo start to work for the company.


Presentation of the AIRO at ITMA in Paris.

Biancalani introduces the AIRO® 1000 at the Paris ITMA fair and it's a huge success. The AIRO® 1000 is the first discontinuous rope tumbler system that uses a revolutionary new method of moving fabric by means of an air-jet, something never before seen in the finishing sector. More than 1,000 models of the AIRO® are produced and sold in every corner of the globe.


Inauguration of the new company headquarters.

Biancalani moves to a new, modern site and further increases its machine portfolio and commercial organisation, which now practically covers the entire textile industry with agents working in every possible market.


Presentation of the AIRO QUATTRO and AIRO DUE at ITMA in Paris.

The AIRO® 1000 evolves and at the 1997 ITMA fair two new versions are unveiled: the AIRO® QUATTRO and the AIRO® DUE once again spike the customers' interest and the sales of these machines rise further.


Presentation of the AIRO®24 at ITMA in Munich.

One Biancalani machine that stands out, thanks to the results it achieves and the variety of textile sectors that benefit from its use, is AIRO®; a continuous open-width tumbler that allows users to obtain the same results as the AIRO® treatment for a vast range of textile products, from knitted fabric to artificial leather, non-woven fabrics and terry cloth.


Presentation of the BRIO®24 at ITMA in Milan.

This event is a genuine success for the Italian Textile Machinery industry and for Biancalani. While the AIRO®24 evolves and further expands its range of use, the BRIO®24, a machine never before seen in the finishing sector, is unveiled to the public: a continuous dryer that allows for the relaxation of every type and composition of knitted fabric, thanks to a particular fabric shaking system.


ITMA in Barcelona, the latest from Biancalani.

At ITMA in Barcelona Biancalani is introducing four more new machines to the textile finishing sector: the AIRO®24 – the latest evolution of the continuous open-width tumbler; the AIRBOX, a pre-dryer that works in collaboration with finishing drying machines; the BRIO®24, the new version of the continuous active relaxation dryer for knitted fabrics; and the AQUARIA®, a highly efficient continuous open-width air-flow washing system, for every type of fabric.


Worldwide Launch of AIRO®24 DUETTO and presentation of the new AQUARIA® during ITMA in Milan.

Biancalani introduced the brand-new patented machineries AIRO®24 DUETTO and AQUARIA® at the exhibition ITMA 2023 in Milan and the interest shown by the visitors was above expectations. Drying, washing and softening fabrics with low energy consumption and significantly enhanced efficiency never has been smarter.

Additionally, AIRO®24 and AQUARIA® obtained the Green Label Certification: during the tests certified by RINA and ACIMIT, both machineries were able to easily impress by their process efficiency of 95% and the energy & environmental performances.



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