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Active relaxation dryer for knits that assures a perfect shrinking for higher dimensional stability of knitted fabrics

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BRIO® treatment: a guarantee for the dimensional stability of knits

With Brio® (Patented) the combined actions of the intense mechanical shaking and of the drying in the tunnel ensure the perfect relaxation and permanent dimensional stability for each type of knitted fabric, in each composition and in any construction.

Shrinkage values up to 20% and constantly near-zero residuals after washing, reduction of residual spirality in tubular knits, volume and hand. All in perfect safety, without defects and completely pilling-free, in an efficient way, quickly and with minimal costs, while respecting the environment.

Treatments and results

High drying capacity, optimal thermal efficiency, small floor space requirements… all with the guarantee of the best results

Treatments and results which can be obtained with BRIO® are:

  • Active relaxation and stabilization of knitted goods
  • Stabilization of every type of knit, tubular or open
  • Reduction of residual spirality in tubular fabrics
  • Flat tumbling treatment, without tensions or defects
  • Good hand, softness, and volume

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Technical specifications

Parallel treatment sections
Maximum loading capacity
60 Kg (dry)
Evaporation capacity
60 Kg/h
Installed thermal power
140 kW
Installed electrical power
20 kW
Max. consumption for air heating
15 Nm3/h (gas) or 240 kg/h (steam)
Typical daily production
1500 Kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)
3000 x 4100 x 3000 mm
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