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Continuous open-width dryer designed to work as a stand-alone unit or as predryer in line with other machines

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AIRBOX: the continuous, compact and efficient open-width dryer patented by Biancalani

The ideal predrying machine to install before a continuous tumbler

AIRBOX is a continuous open-width dryer, designed to work as a stand-alone unit or connected in line with other machines. The most important function of the AIRBOX is when it is used as a pre-dryer installed before a continuous tumbler, such as – for instance – the AIRO 24, in order to considerably increase its production capacity.

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Technical specifications

Available working widhts up to 360 cm
Production speed (fabric in/out) 5-50 m/min
Fabric inlet with driven roller and optional centering and spreading device
Fabric delivery with free roller (standard) or, as option: driven roller, centering and spreading device, delivery to plaiter and/or large roll
Maximum air temperature 200°C
Evaporation capacity up to 250 kg/h
Installed electrical power starting from 30 kW
Installed thermal power starting from 250 kW
Average utilisation of gas | steam 15 Nm/h (gas) | 250 kg/h (steam)
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