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AIRO24 Biancalani textile-finishing-machine-for-anti-pilling-treatments-on-polar-fleece-lamb-skin

AIRO® 24

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AIRBOX Biancalani-predryer-for-textile-finishing-line
AIRO Biancalani discontinuous-washing-drying-and-softening-processes-in-rope-form
More than 60 years of excellence Advanced technology in textile finishing machines

Textile drying

Our textile drying machines for any kind of woven, non-woven and knitted fabric guarantee a soft hand and unique look, improving the quality of the finished product and its competitive value on the market. Discontinuous and continuous tumblers, relax dryers… Discover our range and find the most suitable dryer for your needs!

Textile washing

Our washing machines for the textile industry are designed to achieve the best results with every type of fabric: from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk and wool, to artificial ones like viscose, polyamide, Tencel and Modal; right up to synthetic ones like PES, nylon, acrylic in all types of construction such as woven, knitted, flock and non-woven with different application. Find the solution that's right for you!

Fabric softening

Biancalani textile machines are the ideal solution for softening fabric. They give the fabric a soft hand and a notable increase in volume, guaranteeing results that are defect and pilling-free. Suitable for any type of woven, non-woven and knitted fabric, of any composition and weight, both tubular and open width. Discover the whole range!

Dimensional stabilization of fabrics

Brio and Brio 24 are our relax dryers for knitted fabrics. They induce the fabric to shrink and reach a state of complete relaxation and permanent dimensional stability, without defects and completely pilling-free. Find out which machine is right for your needs!

Wool milling

Biancalani wool milling machines for the textile industry guarantee top quality results. The permanent natural compaction gives a unique hand to any type of woollen fabric, woven or knitted, pure-wool or blended, carded or worsted, both light and heavy. Discover all our wool milling machines!

Auxiliary processes

The solutions dedicated to auxiliary processes are special value-added textile finishing machines that allow our customers to greatly expand the results of traditional finishing lines. Find out how the use of Airbox in the drying department in front of Airo 24 or other machines improves the performance of all the machines installed after it!

Top of the line Special Finishing Machinery
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