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  10 Mar 2020

A patent that unfolds countless possibilities as per Fashion and Home decor industries. 

The key word: versatile.

The home decor industry is recording a huge increase: the countless television programs about renovation and interior design are outnumbered only by those teaching how to cook – and where do you usually cook? At home, of course. That “home” space has never been so attractive before. We see long queues in front of stores like Ikea and Maison du Monde and the Home Textile exhibitions all over the world are overcrowded. Because Home Decor and Fashion industries are always changing, but never hit by recession. And the core of those industries is fabrics.  

Thus, fabrics producers have very special needs: different production processes to choose among and to be able to finish any kind of fabric. They need a versatile textile machinery that can be both fashion- and home decor-specific; a patented machinery that knows how to use air natural drying talent, adding specific processes for any kind of fabrics; a machinery that guarantees a high quality product and a strong business collaboration with the producing company. They need AIRO®24 in its most recent version, patented by Biancalani.

Let’s talk practical. If you need to produce technical fabrics for the protective & workwear sector, you’ll be looking for fabric elasticity so that clothes are comfortable and resistant; if you are doing business with the fashion industry, you may be more interested in softness and aesthetics, i.e. how a viscose skirt beautifully moves. As per home decor industry, an open-fiber chenille fabric may be perfect to realize sofa slipcovers that are aesthetically great and heavy-duty at the same time. 

And let’s not forget towels. Very often, towel textiles are soft to the touch, but they have poor performances as per their absorbent power. That happens because of silicons and chemical softeners necessary to give fabrics that misleading soft hand. But those kinds of tricks can’t work in a world where information is widely available and products supply at its pitch. The customer will choose the voluminous, good-looking, soft towel that still conserves the micro-capillary action of fibers, assuring an excellent absorbent power.

The latest version of AIRO®24 guarantees all the above-mentioned results. Actually, not only that. The fabric producer will experience both significant savings and benefits thanks to the mechanical softening action that makes chemical products unnecessary and to the final client satisfaction. In fact, AIRO®24 not only perfectly dries fabrics, but it improves their quality. And that’s not all, again. It is even possible to increase AIRO®24 production volume thanks to a very compact energy-saving solution: AIRBOX, patented by Biancalani.

To be exact, it is possible to increase the production volume of ANY production line thanks to AIRBOX: an independent pre-dryer machinery incredibly versatile, very compact and based on AIRO®24 successful technology. During the latest ITMA Exhibition, AIRBOX has amazed clients because of its size and perceived value. “That’s not possible” was the recurring comment. But it is: on the inside of AIRBOX, hot air goes through the fabric and pushes water out of it, activating the thermal exchange with damp fabric. All in that compact size. 

Eventually, the key word is versatile. Biancalani patents guarantee both that versatile factor and specific solutions for every industry and production process. Adding ingredients such as trustworthy business collaboration and constant availability to the customer. Club Airo® Hand is the technological division of Biancalani, where most suitable solutions are found together with the client, ensuring expertise and discretion. Results are certified by the label AIRO® HAND – Guaranteed by Biancalani, ensuring the original AIRO® HAND effect of a fabric finished in a Biancalani machine. So, be very welcome to the Club Airo® Hand. 

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