AIRBOX, a real (r)evolution

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  18 Jul 2021

Competitive, for sure. That’s what fashion industry is. Only the brave, they say. Actually, the ones who can make it are not only brave, but super professional, smart and with an eye for real (r)evolutions. In fact, sometimes it happens that a piece of clothing or an accessory meant to be sort of a sidekick of the main collection turns out to be something more: a stand-alone incredible item.

It seemed like AIRBOX, the pre-dryer machinery by Biancalani, was looking forward to show the textile world it was definitely a main-collection item. And finally, field experience has been validating AIRBOX evolution. It was a long way to the top. At the beginning, AIRBOX was born as AIRO®24 sidekick; then it has proven a highly versatile machinery that could match any finishing production line, and upgrade it (more details here).

And then, it happened: AIRBOX showed the textile universe that it was not only an aide to AIRO®24 or part of a line. In fact, it is an incredible independent finishing machinery. As it dries super well and its dimensions are very compact – but also scalable according to the client’s needs – it can easily be also an intermediate dryer in the washing or printing finishing processes. Any textile sector can be interested in it, from home textile to printing – while AIRO®24 is definitely in charge when talking about terry towel.

Of course, other pre-dryer machineries do exist: cylinder or loop machines for example or free dryers and obviously stenter frames. But indeed, they are often expensive or bulky or not that effective and definitely make energy saving and sustainability sort of an impossible dream. Furthermore, they might produce side effects, maybe because the fabric has to face tensions or squeezing or maybe because of the risk of overheating the external part of before “melting” its heart. AIRBOX by Biancalani is an independent free dryer where the fabric is gently guided through the drying process: it is wrapped and penetrated by air at super high speed that dries it evenly, efficiently, and yet gently.

AIRBOX as a stand-alone machinery means the fabric is gently cared for and not stressed at all. Furthermore, vertical channels inside it are what makes its size so compact, but also absolutely extendable. Let’s figure out sort of a size chart for it, the same we use when buying a piece of clothing: finding your “right size” is so easy that AIRBOX is the quintessence of stand-alone versatility, i.e. what the fashion industry needs. The key textile machinery both for big and small manufacturers.

It’s all about (r)evolutions and being able to spot the potential of an item. Even of a textile machinery that can change it all in the finishing process.


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