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  25 Jun 2020

New recent global market trends are pretty clear: they talk about change, reinvention, virtual assistance and less is more meaning let’s focus on quality.

Some areas of the world can already dare seeing beyond – with a real market recovery based on digital solutions and remote assistance, as reported by Pwc here. They make it clear that following new trends is inevitable but also profitableBiancalani Textile Machinery is a positive step ahead, as those new trends have been the company’s path to follow since decades. That’s why Biancalani can stay positive.

Change and reinvention seems mandatory. Many big brands and town and city councils are looking for innovative solutions to reinvent city spaces and they’re turning to experienced professionals to ask for practical, effective ideas. The key words here are experienced professionals, as you must know your way to come up with a new but concrete vision of your business. Of course, a strong textile machineries production company such as Biancalani has made it through the years because of the ability to reinvent themselves. In fact, Biancalani technical experts have never wait for the client to ask for solutions: often, they suggest alternative production paths that clients still don’t figure out or give inputs and support to the customer with a full-consultancy service.

Let’s take the example of the less is more trend.

A more conscious attitude towards purchase is really making its way, with final customers reducing their budget for non-essential items. The textile industry is obviously part of the essential items market share, but quality really makes the difference at this point. In fact, qualitative textile and fashion brands stay strong while fast fashion is losing ground and is perceived every day more negatively and non-performing. Biancalani is based on quality: both textile machineries and the resulting textile products are a certainty since decades. In a few words, Biancalani is more than ready to face any quality challenge.

We have already talked about how Biancalani supports sustainability, for example here and here. People, especially the so-called millennials (born between early 80s and mid 90s) who set terms and agenda as per the world purchase trends, are inflexible about sustainable and informed purchase. This is not a new trend, but has surely become fundamental recently. And it’s not a new trend for Biancalani at all, as the company has been choosing and recommending the so-called green solution since years. Just think about AIRO24® (all details here), among other textile machineries that guarantee sustainability from many points of view.

Obviously, the already growing trend of remote assistance by highly specialized experts has become a certainty and a trend for the future. Since years, Biancalani local and remote assistance has meant time savings and instant support for their clients, building a solid foundation for what is now a fundamental need. A tailor-made support, no additional cost or time waste for the customer are the ultimate elements guaranteed by Biancalani remote assistance. You can take advantage of useful information in this regard here.

Biancalani Textile Machinery doesn’t have to make any effort to think positive. The company simply benefits from their own policy and experience. And they look forward supporting their clients who deal with a new perception of business.


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