Open-width - The mechano-textile (re)opening

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  11 Oct 2020

There’s an authomatic association of the mechano-textile market (re)opening – with a strong recent demand for textile machinery – with the open-width processing system, a favourite of Biancalani textile Machinery. In fact, that system allows to finish the fabric in a much more satisfying way than in-rope processes. But let’s go step by step. 

Recently, Biancalani has been devising thousand and one solutions for their clients. Nay, Biancalani had already devised those ideas in recent years, because you can’t improvise, especially in a highly specialized field. The company has devised the TClab, on-site and remote service centers and it simply lively greets the mechano-textile market reopening. In fact, Biancalani keeps on believing in an open approach to many effective solutions. That’s what the clients need in the ever-changing contemporary production context. This opening is what makes the difference indeed, both generally speaking about a company approach to business and as per mechano-textile sector in particular. And there’s an interesting number of reasons for it, as an open-width machine boasts real benefits compared to in-rope process. First of all, open-width treatments serve to avoid stressing the fabric with totally unnecessary tensions, at the risk of crease marks resulting from tools such as the rope opener. Besides, the open-width process ensures top quality results as per those fabrics enriched by precious aesthetical characteristics. Generally speaking, the earlier you go open-width in the finishing process, the better. Not to mention that, thanks to the open-width choice, a proper regulation of the processing speed means full-hight fabric homogeneous results. In-rope process, in contrast, is just the outcome of a series of steps, which means not that homogeneous. 

Going into details and talking about the drying process, the open-width solution is simply the most efficient as per energy saving and quantity produced. That’s the core principle of AIRO®24, top-of-the-range Biancalani textile Machinery. In fact, thanks to AIRO®24 air can just penetrate the fabric and dry it thoroughly and constantly. All of this, respecting what’s inside the machinery, i.e. the fabric, and what’s outside of it, which is the environment. We can say the same about the washing process, with water instead of air, thanks to AQUARIA®, that welcomes manufacturers in the age of water

Thanks to the ultra-versatile AQUARIA®open-width finishing means to “healing” any kind of fabric for good – i.e. deleting flaws – plus an incredible yielddelicate treatments and eco-sustainability. That’s what being open to innovative solutions means. Going into specific details, let’s talk about after-printing washing – digital or traditional printing. In this case, the open-width choice is mandatory and suggests that it is always preferable when it comes to quality, care and quantity. Furthermore, the open-width solution makes it possible to control how the fabric is being processed, precisely open-width and clearly visible. It’s sort of a continuous and effective quality control, a monitoring at a glance. 

Now it is clear that when it comes to “solutions for the high-quality finishing sector”Biancalani Textile Machinery carries the innovative process a step forward. The motto is the same as ever: the road is open, with Biancalani.


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