Little talks - part four

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  22 Jul 2021

The fourth episode of “Little Talks” revolves around two new interviews with Biancalani Textile Machinery employees. They are A.C. and A.B.: A.C. is Technologist and Area Manager while A.B. is Warehouse Responsible. Let’s take a dip into the world of Biancalani.

What is your job and how long have you been working at Biancalani?

A.C.: I’m Technologist and Area Manager, since four and two years respectively. I’ve been trained as a textile expert so that’s definitely my strong suit and I’ve a degree in management engineering. I’ve worked in industries other than the textile one for four years, handling management engineering and I’ve learnt how to organize and schedule in order to achieve specific goals. I’ve been raised in a family rooted in the textile business so that is really part of my culture and I kind of blend it with the learned “scheduled” approach.

A.B.: I’m Warehouse Responsible now and I’ve been working at Biancalani for 33 years. Yes, wow, that’s a long time, I’m very lucky. I’ve started as a trainee right after a professional course and then took the chances to move up. I’ve always felt part of this family company: I’ve started with Mr. Fiorenzo Biancalani, founder of Biancalani, with whom it was possible to create a direct, straight relationship. Good times. I was 15 years old.

How did and does your contribution make the difference for the company? 

A.C.: Well, my job is sort of split in two parts which are key to one another. As a technologist, it’s not only my contribution that makes the difference, but my contribution as part of a team. In the technological office, we run tests, create, analyze, imagine how the final fabric will come out of Biancalani machineries and how to set those machineries or new ones. That’s how we, and not me, try to make the difference. It’s pure teamwork. As an area manager, I obviously have a totally different approach, but I’m sort of advantaged because I can rely on the results of the technological office: when I propose a machinery to a clients, I know I’m qualified and trained, ready to answer any kind of question. As both technologist and area manager, I’m part of a virtuous circle and I can really try to make the difference.

A.B.: I try to make the difference by being always and absolutely reliable, because my position is not replaceable and it’s a big responsibility. I have to be present, body and mind, and focused. I’m part of a team, of course, but mine is quite a lonely job, even if I’m often exchanging views with the technological office and others.

What’s the best part of your job? 

A.C.: I love when I’m part of R&D projects, obviously regarding the technical-mechanical aspects. The question “how can we envision a machine that is able to achieve this or that high performance as per one or more textile finishing processes?” is definitely my favorite ever. It’s challenging.

A.B.: As I said, even if I work alone, I often talk to other employees, external suppliers, because the warehouse is involved in the activities of the company on a multi-level basis. I definitely like this part. And also, I love the fact that for my current job I can rely on every single step I took while moving up, it makes me feel… competent. It’s a good feeling.

What project is or has been your very favorite?

A.C.: I dare say BRIO®24 and AQUARIA® machineries are two incredibly interesting projects. I’ve started my career at Biancalani precisely when BRIO®24 was being issued and my opinion was taken into account, so I have a complete vision of it and I deeply feel part of that project. Also, I’ve worked on every upgrade of the same. That’s the point, here at Biancalani: you gain an incredible knowhow because it’s all about continuous evolution.

A.B.: I have to say that in 33 years I’ve been part of so many projects in as many different ways… Maybe I can make a choice though, and that choice is AIRO®: not a machinery, a revolution. And I’ve witnessed its birth and evolution, from the very beginning, when I was a young workman. That’s the project I feel deeply part of my working life.


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