Let’s take a terry world tour

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  19 Jun 2020

Because where there is terry, there is Biancalani!

Portugal, Turkey, India, Pakistan, China, Brazil. It feels like leaving for a terry world tour and both quality and quantity travel with us. World’s largest terry producers choose Biancalani Textile Machineries, particularly the ultimate AIRO®24. That’s because Biancalani gives them the solution they look for but still can’t figure out, with the lowest possible production costs and environmental impact.

As per terry quality, many textile machinery producers find it hard to guarantee high results – or any kind of results producers aim at – when creating a machine that keeps finishing costs to their minimum. On the contrary, with Biancalani value for money is at its top, which means a deep impact on the production and high supply capacity aimed at hotel and home furnishing

Terry towel is the most widespread home textile fabric as people spend more and more money for home décor, having rediscovered the simple pleasures of life at home. Bathrooms are not only “toilets”, they are equipped like a spa and all dressed up like a lovely living room. That’s the new perception of luxury and it determines a huge business as terry towels are now considered both useful and stylish.

Terry fabric finished with AIRO®24 by Biancalani is characterized by volume persistence, straight loops and packaging-friendly compactness which is fundamental when you have to ship the product and make it look good once unwrapped. And let’s not forget sustainability: thanks to Research & Development – just take a look at T-Clab by Biancalani and you’ll get the overall image of what we’re talking about – and to more than 1,700 sold machineries which are based on AIRO®24 principle, Biancalani guarantees energy efficiency and thus respect for the environment. In fact, the mechanical action of AIRO®24 ensures the softest hand and the desired volume of terry fabrics using few or no chemical products.

Since many years, Biancalani has been recommending the so-called green solution now in vogue. In fact, final customers are more and more informed and often choose eco-friendly and chemical-free towels. Thanks to high technology, AIRO®24 can easily use air and water only during the finishing process, as no chemical product is fundamental to guarantee a good result. People buying towels – and towels are the home textiles we use to change more frequently – read labels and think about what kind of fabric they’ll dry their bodies and their children’s bodies with. AIRO® processing gives final customers the guarantee they are looking for.

Furthermore, the central role of AIRO®24 in the finishing chain makes it possible to enlarge and customize the production line according to the client’s need as per production quality and quantity.

Thanks to Biancalani, the manufacturing production can rise by 50% or be redoubled or tripled. For example, increasing the production volume is definitely possible thanks to a very compact energy-saving solution, i.e. AIRBOX, patented by Biancalani, as you can easily discover reading the article dedicated here

Every textile producer must be aware that the above-mentioned options and results are available for any manufacturer who chooses Biancalani Textile Machineries. They include sustainability, low production costs, energy and money saving and high quality of the product. And, of course, it goes without saying that this means becoming incredibly competitive in a thriving market. 

After such a terry world tour, it’s pretty clear what to choose and why, when it comes to terry fabric. 


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