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  21 Apr 2023

Biancalani agent for the U.S.: high technology, a lot of change and competition 

U.S. textile industry has gone through a lot of change during the last decades, bringing high technology and competition to the front. Erwin Holbein, chairman of Symtech in the United States, says that technical textiles have become the most important part of the U.S. textile industry, declined in automotive fabrics, safety clothing, fire resistant apparel, belts and so on, i.e. products resulting from high-technology machinery

Spinning industries in the U.S. are very strong especially because highly automated and thus very competitive – also thanks to the affordable price of electrical energy in North America. In order for the mechano-textile sector to maintain a relevant position in the U.S. market, it is necessary to provide customers with top-quality textile machineries and Biancalani Textile Machinery is perceived as a world leader in the textile finishing field. Also, Holbein adds, when clients try Biancalani’s excellent technology and see the results in terms of productivity, fabrics softness and volume, they don’t go back. In fact, they ask for more.

The role of skilled technicians is paramount on both sides: of course Biancalani technicians are the ones actually building machineries, but Symtech can count on people specialized in textile finishing with a very high level of technical knowledge, super important to explain and promote the machineries as not all clients can immediately imagine the benefits. Not to mention having the necessary skills to actually install the machinery: local technical support and service centers are highly appreciated by clients.

According to Holbein, the challenge for the future will be continuing to be innovative, i.e. to stay ahead of competitors, ignoring the pressure to go cheap. In fact, in the U.S. market it is important that a company such as Biancalani continues to build high competitive machinery and not cheap ones. Biancalani can do it thanks to their technical experts and skilled engineers, their high ethical standards and to their whole professional team. AIRO24 is a perfect example of innovation: a top-selling machinery that always has new applications (fabrics for furniture and apparel, among others), very performing, fitting the U.S. market so well. It always makes users ask for more.

Last but not least, Holbein mentions the added value of a mutual respectful relationship and the pleasure of visiting Biancalani headquarters in Italy, together with customers who want to run their own samples. A very warm welcome, having undivided attention and the remarkable finishing results are total highlights and really impress the clients. That professional, positive relationship can be built only if there’s fairness and commitment on both sides. Since 2007, when Symtech and Biancalani met for the first time during ITMA and Holbein was impressed by Biancalani machinery, the shared feelings are exactly those ones.


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