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  10 Feb 2023

Export and local market growth and a technical academy: a word with Biancalani agent in Bangladesh 

The textile industry is considered a single source of growth in Bangladesh, also given that most of the production is being controlled by local investors and is thought to be the real game changer for the economy of the country. With an early history dating back to cotton and silk production during 16th to 19th centuries Mughal Empire, when Dhaka and its surroundings already were the center of it all, the textile industry has made Bangladesh the world's second-largest apparel exporter of western fast fashion brands.

Mr. Kamruzzaman, Biancalani Textile Machinery exclusive agent in the country and OEKO-TEX® local representative, somehow confirms it all: the textile business in Bangladesh has been experiencing both export and local market growth and the role of textile products in the country is paramount. In fact, it has totally changed the country by increasing employment and supporting the economy. Since 2004, Mr. Kamruzzaman has been Managing Director of Tootal Quality Resources Ltd (TQRL) and working for Biancalani in the last 17 years. But after all this time, he still remembers how exciting it was to introduce the brand-new Biancalani finishing technology to Bangladesh textile market.

The perception of Biancalani in Bangladesh has always revolved around high quality and innovative machines adding value to textile products, thanks to one-of-a-kind finishing processes. TQRL has a digital and off-line marketing system that focuses on Biancalani machinery, but in addition to it they have launched a very special initiative: TQRL Academy in Dhaka, where they invite technicians from different factories and offer an in-depth education on finishing textile machines processes and maintenance. Not least, thanks to TQRL experts, customers can count on a local service center for customer service and for installing Biancalani’s machines.

When asked which project realized thanks to Biancalani machinery he liked most and why, Kamruzzaman seems to have no doubt: the one resulting in versatile products and pursued by choosing the unique features of the recently green-labeled AIRO®24, with all of its air natural drying talent. Looking to the future though and considering that in Bangladesh knit is the number one textile product, Kamruzzaman believes that Biancalani’s textile finishing machines are going to make the difference, with Biancalani innovative technology ready to serve customers.


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