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  18 Nov 2022

India is the second largest producer of fiber and textile manufacturer in the world, with a +50% exported textile products in 2021.

Not at all unexpected considering India’s history as the most important center of textile manufacturing and international trade. Biancalani has been dealing with the Indian mechano-textile reality since 1992 with a partner of excellence: Bakubhai Ambalal, a division of Oriental Enterprise Private Limited. That’s where to start to form a complete picture of Biancalani Textile Machinery’s presence in the Country.

Mr. S.K. Chatterjee, Indian agent for Biancalani at Bakubhai Ambalal for 21 years, reports Indian textile market’s perception of Biancalani using two simple but pivotal words: serious and ethical. Furthermore, Chatterjee adds that we are talking about a company always ready and eager to improve its performances, i.e. service centers and – especially considering the current, unstable global situation – spares availability. The same goes for local training, as technology changes pretty quickly and it is mandatory to keep up.

Chatterjee has started on a regional basis to then become in charge of the entire Indian market, just in time to see AIRO®24 by Biancalani taking its first firm steps in the global textile market. Almost simultaneously, Bakubhai Ambalal entered the towel sector, opening other interesting business opportunity. Chatterjee reminds how they got a lot on their plate at that time and how Biancalani timely supported their competitive approach to business.

Together with AIRO® – also known as all-in-oneAIRO®24 is precisely the machinery Chatterjee recalls as a real step forward in the mechano-textile business, as it balanced price and very high performances. Thus, Biancalani became even better known and could reach a new and very proactive share of the market. And, not least, increase customer satisfaction that, as Chatterjee points out, is the main goal for it directly impacts on the whole system. Biancalani’s support seems to be a constant, year after year, from the above-mentioned availability to the more recent work on social media. Together with the unparalleled work of Bakubhai Ambalal, it has resulted in a concrete business growth over the past 7/8 years. 

It may sound weird, but not always is an undoubtedly serious and ethical company perceived as the first and better choice.

Chatterjee recalls a rather funny episode: after many meetings and efforts, a client chose to buy textile machinery from a competitor. Nothing out of the ordinary so far, just some healthy competition. Five years after, during ITMA exhibition, the whole team of the same client came back saying they absolutely wanted to switch to Biancalani’s machinery. Chatterjee believes that the best part of an agent’s job is precisely to finalize an order when competitors become desperate and offer very low prices. Obviously, that’s when quality of products and professional ethics make the difference.

Actually, it seems there are a couple of other interesting aspects about working with Biancalani that Chatterjee would like to underline. The first revolves around developing and customizing new machine features thanks to the highly competent joint work of Biancalani and customer technicians, in order to create the perfect solution to meet the customer’s needs. Last but not least, innovation: in fact, AQUARIA® washing machine is out now, ready for another step forward in the global textile market.


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