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  15 Jul 2022

All-in-one AIRO® is exactly what it looks like: an independent, ultra-performing textile machinery, perfect to complete a full finishing process occupying minimum space. And ensuring the utmost satisfaction.

It all started with the so-called AIRO® revolution back in the days – the AIRO® principle of combining a (heated or not) air-only fabric transport system and the high-speed impact of the fabric against a special grid was something never seen before – and the machine has never stopped moving forward thanks to Biancalani R&D. The AIRO® concept has inspired many later revolutionary versions such as AIRO®24. And the best is yet to come.

AIRO® strong points always include high production capacity and minimal maintenanceAIRO® has always been and still is the perfect solution: an efficient process and an automatic self-cleaning filtering system meet extremely fast treatment speeds, resulting in minimum energy consumption and high production capacity. Plus, AIRO® is customizable according to the client’s needs.

Being a pro in special treatmentsAIRO® totally meets the textile market current demandNowadays fashion is oriented towards fibers such as modal, tencel, cupro and cupro-like and both AIRO® and AQUARIA® – another ideal solution by Biancalani for continuous washing processes – ensure a high-performing mechanical action and thus effective washing and drying treatments. Just to give an example, the so-called frosting effect is one of the most appreciated as it totally transforms the look of the fabric, giving it the softest hand ever and an incredible surfaceBesides and more generally, all final results by AIRO® boast a softening permanent effect that has become internationally known as AIRO® Hand.

This textile machinery of choice is by now well-known and the one performing incredible, very popular treatments. Above all, it ensures safe, reliable and repeatable outcome. Biancalani’s goal is to enable fabric producers to reach desired results with mechanical process which can reduce, or in some cases replace, the usage of chemical products. A real win-win situation: using less harmful substances and respecting the environment while reducing production costs. Sustainability at its best.

As the world of textile business is constantly evolving, reliable machinery is the key solution. Furthermore, AIRO® is a machine that promotes evolution and innovation as it has evolved itself many times and is ready to keep on doing it. It relies on very solid foundations, after all: so many years of experience dealing with very different markets and finishing countless fabrics are a guarantee of the utmost satisfaction.

Want to know more about the obove mentioned textile finishing machines for any woven, non-woven and knitted fabrics? Here you can get more insights:

AIRO® for discontinuous washing, drying and softening processes in rope form    

AIRO®24 for continuous and open-width tumbling treatments

AQUARIA® for continuous and open-width washing processes

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