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  04 Aug 2020

Let’s play a textile guessing game. Let’s try to imagine a company that knows its way and call it PC – we’ll explain later why PC is the best nickname for the company. Let’s suppose that PC has reached an incredible goal: being the textile machinery manufacturer chosen by the world’s Top Renowned Company above all denim suppliers. And finally, imagine that top client is now figuring out unique and creative solutions as per denim textile finishing, new options they could just imagine until today.

Now, let’s suppose that, in order to reach such a goal, PC has worked hard on some points: industrial culture, choosing highly-specialized technicians, listening to specific client’s needs – so that clients can offer their own customers something totally new – and technological creativity. Let’s dare say PC did not rest on laurels.

Also imagine that PC employees are ALL technicians. Some of them are experienced ones who have studied how to realize top quality mechano-textile machinery since more than 30 years – no “disposable” employees here, but big investments in Human Resources – passing on their technological tradition and style. Others belong to younger generations focused on latest technologies. Now assume that all of that is based on a strong corporate structure. Finally, let’s say that PC ensures creativity freedom to their technicians. Just pretend successful firms work exactly this way. We’re just saying.

Let’s set our textile fantasy in a still thriving textile area, or better, in the first textile district in Europe. An area where you can professionally grow up creating unique solutions that stimulate the client’s imagination and make them strong and competitive. An area where PC technicians have trained their textile market sensors, sort of receptors of ideas and needs coming from the international textile market.

Let’s suppose that PC is optimistic about the future and ready to face market and daily challenges. And not because we should all be optimistic, but because that positive spirit has been dwelling inside PC headquarters since decades. Let’s assume, so to say, that precisely decades ago, thanks to a pioneering approach and their being ahead of times, PC decided to focus part of its efforts on what was then cutting-edge technology in mechano-textile finishing. Still just saying.

Now try to imagine that PC is a company investing in solving their clients’ problems. Which is the exact contrary of selling a product and then washing their hands of it for good. Just for a moment, let’s say that same spirit has always made PC clients feeling safe and cared for, especially thanks to training programs and remote/on-site service centers.

Suppose PC has envisioned and realized an incredible multi-tasking textile finishing machinery. It has nothing to do with existing continuous open-width washing machines that give clients no innovative solutions but thousands of different patterns that are just the same old selling points. On the contrary, the latest machinery by PC is brand new technology and can be the heart of top level finishing production lines: a technological synergy of new, groundbreaking textile machineries.

Let’s dare say that PC company does not sell blurred realities and don’t make clients loose their time. Now let’s assume those clients are testing the incredible groundbreaking machinery by PC. And that they want to keep on repeating tests because they found out hundreds of stunning finishing possibilities. Now imagine you are the client: for once in your professional life, you don’t have to low your standards and can ask for what you really want and what will make you offer something truly different and appealing to your own customers.

Now stop imagining and simply replace PC company with Biancalani Textile Machinery and the incredible machinery with AQUARIA® – full article here. By the way, PC stands for a Powerful Company, something you can’t become taking shortcuts, something that blends tradition and innovation, something that actually makes you confident about the future.

Just saying.


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