Little talks - part three

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  04 May 2021

“Little Talks”, episode three, the lucky series of the interviews with women and men working at Biancalani Textile Machinery. Today, we are interviewing M. and S., respectively “man of the numbers” and “man of the lines”, who will tell us about their very different key roles at Biancalani.

What is your job and how long have you been working at Biancalani?


M.: I’ve worked at Biancalani since 2016, I’m Industrial Controller, which means I handle cost accounting, sort of a thorough cost control, and I also take care of the whole production process, from order to shipment. It all started with my passion for technology, especially computer science. I’ve worked in Italy and London handling quality certification and management system, adapting to very different contexts and that allowed me to develop a working method I can easily apply to again different contexts. That’s how I got here at Biancalani, in the end.


S.: Me, instead, I graduated in 2016! (S. laughs). I found a job straight after that, but soon I was hired by Biancalani. This company allows me to gain everyday practical experience as a mechanical assembler. I know I liked it, but now I’m sure was born to do this. It’s thrilling.

How did and does your contribution make the difference for the company? 

M.: I think, as many others, that organization is key and I guess me and my team could make the difference by achieving the specific goal of a high-performance management company system. I’m always trying to raise the bar, you know, and now I think I can make the difference by easing others into a new management of work, as it’s not simple to get used to a change in one’s working routine. But I believe that is the best solution in order to best manage everyone’s job in the company.

S.: I have been lucky as the workshop manager has taught me a fundamental part of my job. I learnt that planning is key and now it’s the first thing I think about when I start working in the morning, sometimes even before getting to the actual workplace. Often, timing is crazy and the workshop team can really be super-performing. Assembling of mechanical components is a rather “physical” work, no laziness allowed, always being willing to do your best instead. I’ve been taught not to waste time. The former briefing part, both with the whole team, with my partner and then by myself is fundamental because then you have to stick to planning. I’ve become this kind of mechanical worker, fiercely attentive to all of this. Maybe that’s how I can make the difference for the company.

What’s the best part of your job? 

M.: I’m the one who has an accurate picture of the company and therefore I’m the one to whom many questions are asked every day. That’s demanding, for sure, but feeling that my colleagues trust me is definitely very rewarding. Also, I have to make sure they all follow the procedures because it all becomes easier if you do it. So, even if I’m the “numbers man”, the communication part is maybe the one I prefer and that I find essential.

S.: I’m at my best when I’m under pressure. I like to solve problems when there are very tight schedules, like when we have to assemble five to six machines in three weeks. Also, I love to do that part of my job called “lines arranging”, which means cataloguing each mechanical part and put them in order, so that I can have everything under control and work faster.

What project is or has been your very favorite?

M.: My favorite project is the one we are working on, actually. It has started, we have reached many goals but it’s sort of continuous because needs change and change at a fast pace. I’m talking about the business organization system that underpins the project. It must be extended to the whole of the company in order to manage complex workflows and optimize the work. Biancalani gives you the opportunity to set some standards and that is great because it makes you somehow free to do your best.

S.: A couple of years ago, I was part of the team going to ITMA Barcelona and we had to assemble three incredibly innovative machines. I sensed the responsibility of being there, because exhibitions mean major investments, so everything must be more than perfect. And also, I felt part of something, it was a good feeling indeed. That’s why I hope I’ll move up sooner or later, becoming one of those mechanical assembler who are sent abroad. That would be thrilling.


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