Little Talks - Part Ten

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  30 Jan 2024

People working at Biancalani Textile Machinery talk about… Communication and corporate training 

Communication and corporate training clearly emerge as two key topics during the interview with Massimiliano F. and Massimiliano L., employees in very different departments of Biancalani Textile Machinery. In fact, giving voice to the world behind textile machineries, both offer quite different points of view that end up being deeply connected.

Massimiliano F. & Massimiliano L.

What is your job and how long have you been working at Biancalani?

M.F: I’ve been digital marketing assistant at Biancalani for three years now, after a previous experience as a free-lancer. I’ve always been and still am very keen on communication. As soon as social media began spreading, I decided they were definitely worth my time.

M.L.: I am specialized technician and I’ve worked at Biancalani for nine years as a mechanical fitter. I already had an experience in the field when I was hired, but here at Biancalani, I’ve started learning a lot since the very beginning.

What does “making the difference in a company” mean for you?

M.F.: Especially in the communication department, it is essential to work in sort of a timing harmony, coordinating regularly. Communication has two faces: a corporate one and an individual one. At a corporate level, the company’s communication strategies and ideas must be very clear. At an individual level, it is key to share everyone’s opinion on a project, so to get to a common result that brings together different voices.

M.L.: In a company where you perceive that every employee is important and has some weight, I guess everyone makes the difference. I think you have to function efficiently thanks to a 360-degree knowledge of your field that allows you to be totally accountable for what you do. When this happens, you should share your informed opinion with your colleagues and also be ready to change your mind as a result. I think that accountability and communication are definitely what makes the difference.

How do you picture the company’s future?

M.F.: On the one hand, I hope the digital and technological revolutions will be more and more incisive, in order to keep on improving interconnection and organization. On the other hand, Biancalani Textile Machinery is already a company that both allows flexibility and creates growth opportunities. The company organizes training courses while business trips and participating in international exhibitions are essential parts of the job of many colleagues.

M.L.: Yes, I agree that further specialized training – which is already and definitely possible at Biancalani – will be fundamental, together with being able to meet the increasingly diverse requests of clients. Besides, keeping away from standardization, as Biancalani has always done, will surely play a key role in the future.


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