Little Talks - Part Nine

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  06 Oct 2023

People working at Biancalani Textile Machinery talk about… Future and teamwork.

Future and teamwork have become inextricably connected in all professional fields, but even more when it comes to the world of textile machinery. We tend to consider that particular field somehow aseptic and made of calculations and metal only. While calculations are surely fundamental, the people who take responsibility for all the production process are definitely more important. Cecilia, administrative employee, and Leonardo, assistant mechanical designer at Biancalani Textile Machinery, give voice to the world behind textile machineries.

What is your job and how long have you been working at Biancalani?

C.: I’ve worked at Biancalani for ten years now as administrative employee, but before that I had already spent many summers here, paying my dues, I started from scratch really. I’ve always wanted to be part of Biancalani Textile Machinery. Thanks to my degree in foreign languages, now I take care of the administration work together with the head of the administration office and other colleagues.

L.: After graduating in mechanical engineering, I started looking around and found some opportunities, and that is how I had my very first work experiences. I learned a lot, especially as per aesthetic quality, but I was not satisfied. Then, three years ago, Biancalani Textile Machinery hired me and the journey with the company started. Now I basically work on new solutions for existing machinery and new designs to come.

What does “making the difference in a company” mean for you?

C.: On a personal level, I think that being employed in a company for a number of years sometimes can make the difference as you learn day by day how to deal with different situations and your personal background ends up being so enriched you can start feel more confident. But this is inextricably connected to teamwork and to the people who trained you. I guess a strong cooperation is totally the heart and soul of a company and that is possible only thanks to people, colleagues and office managers, who are open and easy to relate with. The other key part is responsibility: my job revolves around details such as privacy, exact calculations, putting your own signature on documents. You really need to stay very focused.

L.: Listening and keeping up to date with our field. You should know which are the latest issues your department and also other departments had to deal with and the only way to do that is listening carefully to others. That makes teamwork possible, as well as an exchange of new ideas and looking at it all from different perspectives. As I said, keeping up to date is essential as well because it allows you to find the right innovative solutions for the textile machinery of the future, high-performing, maybe perfect to fit in small spaces and easy to handle. That is exactly what we managed to do with AIRO®24 DUETTO, especially thanks to the work of a specialized team.

How do you picture the company’s future?

C.: Biancalani Textile Machinery has changed so much in the past ten years, becoming everyday more dynamic. The generational change has been of the outmost importance because it did happen but still it managed to bear very much in mind what the previous generations could teach to the new ones. Thanks to the past and the present, the company will keep on changing and exploring as it is built on strong values and teamwork. I hope I’ll be part of all this.

L.: I think innovation will be the key: always creating innovative textile machinery and new optimization systems. Cooperation and teamwork will be the basis of innovation and Biancalani Textile Machinery knows it well.


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