Little talks - part five

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  30 Sep 2021

Nowadays, when you ask what makes people love their job, dynamism is often the keyword. The fifth episode of “Little Talks” confirms that a lively and dynamic job does make the difference. And that Biancalani Textile Machinery is the ideal company. F. and I. explained us why.

What is your job and how long have you been working at Biancalani?


F.: I joined the company in 2003 as a textile technologist and then became area manager in 2010, but I never really split the two jobs. If and when it’s recommended, I work closely with technologists, so that I always and deeply know what I’m talking about when showing Biancalani textile machineries to agents all over the world. I studied as textile engineer and my very first job experience was quite in line with it, as I was involved in textile design. Then, everything changed: joining Biancalani was a real turning point and I still think I’m a lucky professional.


I.: I’m a metal-mechanical assembler and I take care of the pneumatic part when assembling textile machineries, both in the company’s headquarters and abroad. Recently, I also started handling orders. My professional journey here at Biancalani has always followed this fil rouge: one step at a time. I’ve worked as an assembler for 6 years, but every year, since I was very young, I was a summer intern at Biancalani. I started from scratch, as my study course was not about metal-mechanical engineering. What can I say? I simply followed an unexpected passion and tried to gain experience, to understand what it was all about. And here I am.

What’s the best part of your job?

F.: The fact that, every morning, my inbox is full of emails. I wouldn’t like a routine job and this is not the case, thankfully. Biancalani always seemed to me a dynamic company, but now I feel like I’m actually part of it. In fact, now that I know the business so well, I can definitely make my contribution to create the tools the company needs to reach an everyday stronger dynamism. It’s not all about emails, it’s a matter of thinking of solutions, of the way of conveying those solutions, the constant exchange with colleagues and clients. The working environment is not monotonous at all: every day, I must work something out, get a little creative. There’s nothing better, in my opinion.

I.: The best part of my job is doing it so gladly, every day. This happens because we are talking about a multisided job, characterized by different aspects and applications. In a word: dynamic. I personally need to work on a tight schedule. Being a metal-mechanical assembler means seeing the machine grow, assembling it on site (all over the world) and then checking it; it means taking care of creating exhibition stands out of nothing, working both on my own and as a team. It’s clear that we are talking about a job that is not static at all. That’s what makes the difference to me.

What kind of growth opportunities have you seized at Biancalani? 

F.: Well, at the very beginning of my career, Biancalani hired me and gave me that first opportunity even if my qualification was not totally consistent with what they were looking for. It was clear that Biancalani is a company that supports its employees. Furthermore, I started as a technologist, a job I really liked because I learnt something new every day, no down time that can be professionally detrimental. Then, my career has evolved over time and I’ve been put up for area manager. And there are always new projects and targets, or different approaches to choose among according to different clients. Last but not least, the area manager is a major figure at Biancalani: I’m working at half of the company’s projects, that significantly “impact” on the turnover. I really like to be involved in projects that are important for the company. Dynamismcommitment and feeling that what you do really matters are what characterizes the so-called dream job. That’s why I talked about being a lucky professional and… I hope I answered your question! (laughs)

I.: I mentioned that I’ve professionally grown step by step, but in a constant way. That’s what Biancalani allowed me to do. I really started from scratch. During summer internships, I started from very simple activities, then I arranged the material, I learnt how to assemble from the only person who could do it, not missing a single useful detail, again one step at a time. Today, I myself can teach, in quotes, what I know, I can see the big picture and find instant solutions. I’m living proof (laughs) that Biancalani really invests in their employees’ growth: I’ve underwent a significant professional transformation and there’s still room for growth I want to take advantage of. And I know that Biancalani will give me the chance to do it.


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