Little Talks - part eight

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  14 Jun 2022

Making the difference in the workplace, central focus of this Little Talks, is a bit like Neverland Island: everyone talks about it but nobody can be sure it actually happens. Or maybe yes. Talking about their experience at Biancalani Textile Machinery, Maurizio and Salvatore prove it.

What is your job and how long have you been working at Biancalani?


M.: Since 2015, I’ve worked at Biancalani as R&D manager. I did choose the job because I wanted to prove myself in the mechano-textile industry, strictly connected to our territory. At the time, I had been involved in research activities – as PhD student first and then as a researcher and consultant – for many years, and I had already been part of teams that had designed innovative machinery for large private companies. I wanted to get back into the game, learn it all about state-of-the-art mechano-textile technology and then trying to make the difference.


S.: I’m a mechanical fitter and I’ve worked at Biancalani for five years. I love this job, always did. Let me explain: when I was a little boy, I remember my father was always trying to fix something and when he didn’t succeed, then he would give the broken parts to me. At the beginning, I just played with those, then I started building things, it was in my DNA, I guess. At Biancalani, I can do what I love and, not least, I’ve been welcomed as a part of the team from day one. I had never found such an empathetic atmosphere before and it was amazing to attend briefings, forming a circle, listening to different opinions and being asked my own opinion. Nowadays, it may seem rather normal, but believe me, back in the days it wasn’t. And nothing has changed in this respect. Team work is what provides that added value.

What does “making the difference in a company” mean for you, then?

M.: I think being able to seize the heart of the matter as quickly as possible is paramount, because it avoids wasting time and money. Also, having somehow a management role means thinking 360 degrees about every project, i.e. from solving a problem to creating something new. Organization of other people’s work is essential to be sure every one of us gives their best and can cooperate with others, as I agree that teamwork really makes the difference. And never forget concentration as situations can be tricky sometimes.

S.: I agree that concentration and accuracy are paramount, especially in our case to guarantee work safety and quality. Specifically, accuracy is mandatory as the machinery we create and assemble at Biancalani’s headquarters, will be re-assembled on-site by a team in place, whose work can’t be affected by previous mistakes. Besides, being proactive is another fundamental part of a job, as well as proposing possible solutions, especially when, as in this case, you are actually listened to. That’s very rewarding. Last but not least, making the difference means being likely to change and evolve in order to become a well-rounded professional. I’ve been hired for assembling machineries all around the world, which has not been possible due to the pandemic. But here at Biancalani I could work on extending my competences, improving my attitude to problem solving and my knowledge of English language. In my opinion, all of this means preparing for making the difference.

Which is the best part of your job?

M.: To follow a project from beginning to end, and especially the creative part, making theory and practice matching, is surely what I prefer. At Biancalani, we don’t create average textile machineries: Biancalani has made an investment in cutting-edge technology that ensures innovation, or better, the perfect combination of tradition and innovation. This is what makes Biancalani a household name increasingly recognized abroad as it makes the difference in the mechano-textile business.

S.: To witness how good Biancalani machineries work after assembling them – and sometimes it seems like we are assembling some sort of futuristic machinery – is definitely what I prefer. It results in a high degree of job satisfaction and sometimes it really makes my day. But I have to confirm that teamwork is essential: when you can feel the cooperation between colleagues at all levels, you can be sure everything will go smoothly. It's a good feeling to be part of it.


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