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  17 Feb 2022

Thousands of meters.

The tests Biancalani has taken on printed fabrics are further evidence of the versatile nature of AQUARIA®. In fact, the machinery does not aim at a single kind of after-printing washing process, but it has shown its limitless potential, its several applications. That is why, it is totally makes sense to call AQUARIA®textile finishing machinery with benefits.

Quality check. What seemed like an interesting number of very good results have underwent quality checks by external laboratories, which have done nothing but confirm those results, obtained by Biancalani during the last two years. After-print washing by AQUARIA® ensures extreme colorfast fabrics during the washing process. Besides, it astonishes the cleanliness of fabric fibers and yarns washed by AQUARIA® – both printed and to be piece dyed ones – which are totally free from the residues of chemical additives used during the spinning and weaving processes.

R&D. When creating what represents a breakthrough in the textile industry, thanks to an innovative machinery, it is essential both to have a deep knowledge of what is already on the market and to start a close synergy between the R&D department and highly prepared and experienced external experts. “After working for years in the mechano-textile industry and particularly in the segment of washing” a textile specialist states, “I’m very impressed that I’m face to face with a machine I’ve never seen before, a real step forward in the textile field of washing after printing.”

Benefits. The benefits of AQUARIA® as the ultimate after-printing washing machinery should not be surprising as at its core there’s the renown AIRO® process. Thus, fabric is moved by air and thanks to the intense mechanical action resulting from special grates flapping – patented by Biancalani. That’s what R&D also means: to find a connection between what you have already achieved and what is still to be achieved, in order to make the best out of it.

Fine facts and numbers, but how does after-printing washing process by AQUARIA® actually work? The machinery is composed two modules that can be combined in a line. AQUARIA® main module takes care of the fabric, moving it back and forth alternately and pushing it thanks to an airflow blended with washing. That guarantees the ultimate combination of mechanical action and long dwelling times. The auxiliary module alternates between different phases, i.e. washing and rinsing.

Speeding up the washing process and thus reducing production time, AQUARIA® module can become the core of a three-modules after-printing washing line (pre-washing module + AQUARIA® + rinsing module). The AQUARIA® line can guarantee an increased productivity, up to 50 meters per minute, and confer to the fabric a unique hand, very different from fabrics finished using traditional machinery.

AQUARIA® limitless potential is totally ready to be discovered.


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