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  29 Oct 2021

Everyone has his own personal point of view about the current global economic re-start.

The meaning of the word “re-start” is starting again after a period of – usually forced – standstill. Before that period, many companies may have been ready to deliver new solutions to the international market and Biancalani Textile Machinery is no exception. Also, Biancalani is a longtime mechano-textile company that has seen a lot and whose point of view can help understanding the above-mentioned re-start topic.

How can a company figure out when an actual re-start is happening? The first hint is traveling abroad. With every imaginable precaution, people is recently booking flights and trains again, traveling for business. Biancalani is getting back to traveling to clients who need installation and maintenance service, second one also provided by the so-called safest parachute ever: Biancalani Service Centers.

Another sign of re-start is actually sort of retrospective: if the latest turnover of a company is more consistent when compared to the previous three years and if it is so after and despite a period of global economic crisis, then we can definitely talk about re-start. Ultimately, this may result in new hiring, which is what is happening at Biancalani, with more than one department involved in the hiring process.

Of course, a rich order backlog is the ultimate sign of re-start. It allows to identify market trends and to use them for making predictions. Biancalani is starting new negotiations both in Italy and abroad, with clients visiting Biancalani headquarters for on-site textile testing, obviously in complete safety. It totally recalls the positive, productive, pre-pandemic atmosphere.

Finally, a re-start is picking up where we left off. AQUARIA®, the brand new textile machinery by Biancalani, was presented at ITMA trade show and is currently already present in a number of Countries while other AQUARIA® machineries are on the go. This is actually a double re-start, because AQUARIA® marks the beginning of a new era for Biancalani, as the company makes its entry into the dynamic market of after digital/rotative printing washing processes.

All of this is totally in line with the global economic recovery, as evidenced by textile exhibitions cautiously but definitely taking place again all over the world, starting past September with Première Vision and up to next events in the United States and Asia, as reported by Textile World and Trade Fair Dates.

Biancalani is totally part of all of this. Have a good re-start, textile world.


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