Organization: a different kind of innovation

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  28 Apr 2022

Let’s get to it: what happens beneath the surface when companies talk about innovation – and they do it a lot?

It’s all clear as day: no innovation is possible without a meticulous years-long organization and the last must always be innovative. That means creating a real virtuous circle. And the most secret of secrets is: don’t give up.

The pillars of Biancalani Textile Machinery are creativity, innovation and organization. We often talk about the first two concepts, as they are fuel and goal of any project by Biancalani. But let’s not forget that they can and must be directed also towards finding real, effective solutions to improve a company’s organization, i.e. to achieve better results with less effort, to optimize management and information flow and to keep up with the times and evolve. Finally, to have a clearer picture and set the right image of the company.

We could call it a long-term, very strategic investment. As there’s no organization without procedures to be followed, the first thing is surely to write them down, but then comes the most important part: procedures must be communicated in the right way, day after day, creating and expanding the team of people who believe in those procedures. Only if people feel strongly motivated they do apply procedures and thus company departments actually work together and go the same way. It’s no picnic, as they say, but if you don’t give up, the results will make the difference between old-school and innovative organization.

Why should we call it a very strategic investment, then? Simply because it ALL benefits from it: the management of lines assembling, the stock accounting, the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning, management software that integrates business procedures and processes), the CRM, that is the Customer Relationship Management, a system where all the business negotiations are collected and monitored. And it all helps to make strategic decisions under tight deadlines.

In fact, we live in a very peculiar historical period and the keywords are planning ahead in order to contain costs – currently a rather sensitive issue – and manage the supply of materialsBiancalani new management system makes sure that the activity of departments is coordinated and traceable, thus making a thorough, systematic production planning actually possible right from the start of a new project.

It is precisely the above-mentioned virtuous circle that can deliver enormous advantages plus one: the fact that the resulting working environment is totally out of this world. In fact, Biancalani departments communicate with one another frequently and lively: if someone comes up with an idea, they are listened to straight away and that is sort of a strong incentive making the difference between routine and dynamic work.

It goes without saying that the ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, as Biancalani wants to be available for clients from information request to after-sales service. Also and not least, Biancalani wants agents and service centers worldwide to feel part of a close team as they are absolutely essential for creating such a different kind of innovation through organization.

That’s exactly what happens beneath the surface.


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