Mechanical Polishing Process by Lenzing

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  31 May 2023

A finishing procedure for LENZING™ Lyocell (ITMA 2023 project lead Martin Köllerer from Global Technical Marketing of Lenzing AG) 

Fibrillation of LENZING™ Lyocell:

LENZING™ Lyocell and LENZING™ Lyocell RB fibers fibrillate under conditions of wet abrasion, creating micro-fibrills on the surface of the fiber which remain attached to the main body of the fiber, the development of these micro-fibrills occurs mainly on the fabric surface.

Fibrillation is the longitudinal splitting of a single fiber into microfibers of 1-4 microns in diameter. The splitting occurs as a result of wet abrasion against fabric or metal, using jet rope or garment wet processing procedures and can be used to engineer a range of interesting fabric aesthetics.

Aesthetics: Cool & Silky; Semi- Peach, Peach

For all aesthetics it is key to control the fibrillation of LENZING™ Lyocell & Lyocell RB

Mechanical polishing developed by Lenzing is a suitable procedure to control the fiber fibrillation of LENZING™ Lyocell. It is an alternative cellulase(enzyme) free finishing procedure to create outstanding cool & silky knitted fabric aesthetics, stable to the home laundry, effectively reducing chances of pilling.

What is required?

Jet dyeing machines or washing systems like Biancalani AIRO® with good fabric reorientation properties to create an even & sufficient degree of fibrillation for the preparation & the dyeing process.

Suitable resin finishing systems to control the chemical fibrillation properties and to prevent further fabric fibrillation through domestic washing.

Tumbling machines such as Biancalani AIRO® versions that can finalize the fabric finishing to create the clean surface effect.

Mechanical polishing process by Lenzing can be adapted for fabrics made of LENZING™ Lyocell fibers.

Please contact Technical Marketing department from Lenzing in your region or contact with Martin Köllerer (email: to explore more about this technology. 

Companies which are interested in testing this kind of mechanical polishing procedure can visit Biancalani headquarters in Prato, Italy and arrange trials on their fabric. For further details and trials organization please get in contact with Biancalani writing to .


Write us to get more information or to request a test on your fabrics.

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