Man-made fabrics: what you really want and what you really need

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  03 Jun 2020

The ultimate fibrillation and defibrillation process

Imagine you are a cellulose or man-made fabric and the only thing you really want is being the first choice of international fashion and home decor buyers. If you are asking yourself what you really need to succeed, the answer is a perfect fibrillation and defibrillation process. A process leading to vivid colors, no shrinkage and ultimate effects such as peach-skin and many others. This is just part of what AQUARIA® by Biancalani can do for fabrics. Biancalani means changing the fashion and textile industry merging sustainability, eco-friendliness, time and money saving. 

In fact, during the washing process, AQUARIA® creates the mechanical action needed as to “heal” the fabric once and forever. Defibrillation deletes flaws such as pilling from the fabric and thus makes sure the final customer won’t face the same flaws when washing their apparel. This is effective for any kind of fabric. Anti-pilling tests such as Martindale clearly show that fabrics finished with AQUARIA® are high-performance. Which means, what big and high end fashion brands expect to offer to their final clients: apparel ensuring breathability, easy maintenance, thermoregulation.

Furthermore, fabrics finished with AQUARIA® are so much easier to dye, with colors being vivid, sharp and shiny. Forget the troubles of dying fabrics so full of flaws the results are striped colors looking like they have been worn and washed many times. Obviously, you can’t expect buyers to take those “worn” fabrics into consideration: they have a wide choice and what they really need is bringing the best to designers.

Now, not only AQUARIA® does it all, but it provides a unique continuous open width washing process, which means a safe and defect-free treatment – flaws that are very common with rope finishing. In fact, discontinuous and rope processes made it so hard to reach special results that many manufacturers had to give it up. Thanks to AQUARIA®, giving up belongs to the past. Key words are: an economic, beneficial, repeatable process. Not to mention sustainability, as AQUARIA® means a very low water consumption, which is pretty different from other continuous washing processes. And which means using much less chemical products.

In addition to a perfect finishing process, what you really need to succeed is the Technologist Club Laboratory by Biancalani, also known as the T-Klab.

According to the T-Klab and to the enthusiastic feedbacks from clients, Biancalani can confirm that the dimensional stability of the fabric incredibly benefits from AQUARIA®, as the finishing process relaxes the fabric to the point that it finds its natural shrinkage and permanent stability position. That’s why big and high end fashion brands ask for fabrics finished with Biancalani textile machineries, which ultimately means a real made-in-Italy process. Ready for Fashion and White Shows in Milan, Paris, London and New York.

Finally, if a client can’t reach the fibrillation and defibrillation results they aim at, the T-Klab is the skilled and experienced hub they should contact. The T-Klab is where Research and Development technicians study the best solution according to the client and market’s needs.

Seeing is believing, but the keywords here are send to believe: send your fabrics to T-Klab by Biancalani and you’ll see what it’s all about. The result of all the tests Biancalani has been performing since decades is simply excellent when it comes to fibrillation and defibrillation of cellulose and man-made fibers. And so much more. Send your fabrics to believe.


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