Little Talks - part six

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  11 Jan 2022

“Little Talks”

Meets D. and L., who work at Biancalani and talk about how they gained their respective specializations and skills necessary to solve small and big problems. All thanks to field experience.

What is your job and how long have you been working at Biancalani?

D.: I’m a textile expert and I’m employed as technician and support for the area managers’ office. Next March will be my third anniversary with Biancalani. I’ve always worked in the Textile & Fashion industry, but now I deal with textile mechanical engineering, which means trying to solve problems or suggesting improvements to textile machinery and treatments, together with the technicians team to which I belong. It was field experience and teamwork that allowed me to gain expertise and acquire skills.

L.: My title is away technician, which means I deal with installing and starting machineries abroad. It has been my job for years, I delved more and more into it during a period in the United Kingdom and I have worked at Biancalani for more than four years. Field experience allowed me to gain knowledge and expertise of mechanical engineering, and now I can provide a quality service to Biancalani’s clients.

What makes the difference in your work and how does it impact on the company system?

D.: When clients are interested in a textile machinery by Biancalani, they can send fabrics to us in order to do finishing tests and understand if the chosen machinery is what they actually need and how to make the most of it. Together with Biancalani’s technicians team, I deal with textile testing first and then I take care of the technical discussion and negotiation phases with the client. It’s essential to explain every single feature of the machinery that can make the difference for the customer activity and to propose new finishing processes allowed precisely by that machinery. My previous experience in the textile industry has proven to be fundamental, as now I can give informed and precise responses and therefore build a strong, trustful and lasting relationship that is very rewarding to me. Besides, together with the technicians team, I try to contribute with first-hand information to R&D, with the common purpose to solve any problem and strengthen the potential of a machinery, so to give clients the best possible outcome. That’s teamwork and I do believe in the synergy between departments.

L.: Being able to handle responsibilities is part of my job and I think it can definitely make the difference. When we are in a foreign country, we need to face and solve eventual issues. My long-term experience as an away technician and fitter in the engineering industry is surely of great help. Then, I try to make a contribution to the R&D, for example by reporting feedbacks and results to Biancalani’s engineers, with the aim of improving products every time.

What is the project by Biancalani that you liked most and why?

D.AQUARIA® is the one project which I consider more “mine”, for a matter of timing, actually. Obviously, the project was born long ago, but I started working at Biancalani in 2019, when the machinery and the whole AQUARIA® project was presented to the mechano-textile industry during ITMA 2019. It was like starting our respective paths at the same time. Since then, I’ve seen how AQUARIA® has attracted customers and stimulated the imagination: in fact, we keep on receiving fabrics from all over the world to do tests and we are trying hard to make the difference.

L.: In recent years, Biancalani has issued composite lines of textile finishing machineries, up to three and four elements each, for a complex and complete textile finishing process. I have handled the lines installation since the very beginning and I now deal with assembling them, which is my favorite part of the job. It means providing the customer with not only a machinery, but a textile finishing process which is meticulous and completely satisfying.


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