Little Talks - part seven

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  07 Apr 2022

The ideal working environment has been at the center of statistical research for years.

Of course, very specific data and criteria are usually listed, but there may be sort of a macro category that could make the difference when it comes to good working environments’ characteristics: serenity. We asked Roberto and Alberto to talk about what feeling good and motivated at work means to them.

What is your job and how long have you been working at Biancalani ?

R.: Now, let me see… I guess I’ve been working at Biancalani for twenty-eight years now. I’ve always worked in administration and I’m administrative manager. When I joined Biancalani, I had worked in small companies and found myself suddenly part of a bigger, medium-sized business reality. Many things have changed since then, but I have to say one detail has remained just the same, which is a working environment I would recommend to anyone. I’ve always been surrounded by willing and nice people, year after year, both among other employees and executives. It may sound trite, but it’s true and I guess this is the key element of what it’s called the ideal working environment – where you happen to spend most part of your day and, in my case, of my life.

A.: I joined the company four years ago and I’m a mechanical assembler, which means assembling potentially any kind of textile machinery, but also preparing loads to be shipped or relating with the department head to organize work priorities. After sixteen years working in the mechano-textile and fabric finishing industry I can count on a background of experience I find incredibly useful in the everyday working practice. But most of all, at Biancalani I can rely on and benefit from a cordial and collaborative working environment. From the very beginning, I’ve felt part of a team although it was an already built and cohesive one.

What does “making the difference” mean for you?

R.: Well, it all passes through here, sooner or later. And with here I mean the administrative office. You have to know well every single department and be always focused, as legislation is complex and possible measures can be heavy. It’s a huge responsibility. Administration is a fundamental in that it makes projects become feasible. After so many years at Biancalani, I’m glad I can give positive contribution and solicited advice, avoiding potential problems. Thus, I help creating that positive working environment I was talking about, based on teamwork.

A.: I totally agree. First of all, I think I can make the difference as part of a competent, close-knit, competitive team. Everyone must be always very concentrated, as we handle heavy loads and no distractions are allowed. Besides, it may sound weird but I try to make the difference also by adding a little bit of creativity, for example coming up with some device that can speed up the installation process. That’s very rewarding.

Talking about ideal working environments, what does your “ideal Biancalani” look like? 

R.: During the last years, Biancalani has revolutionized the management system – no mean feat – and this has really improved the company’s potential. If someone joined Biancalani today, they would find not only a good working environment, but also a functional one. Not to mention the growth opportunities that have always been and are still a must in the company’s approach. My ideal Biancalani is the one existing now. And the generation change is totally an added value.

A.: At Biancalani, growth opportunities are realities: there are no limits, it’s just a matter of individual choices or personal inclination. And the same goes for training, as the company encourages and supports it. But the real added value, in my opinion, is the positive approach towards different opinions coming from anyone of us, opinions that are actually listened to and appreciated. My ideal Biancalani is not very different form the present one, that keeps on evolving and innovating as it has always done.


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