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  17 Feb 2021

“Give me something new” is the answer. And the question is: what Made in Italy has come to mean, when talking about the textile world? A little tricky, isn’t? But so real. Made in Italy is perhaps the most overused wording in the world. And being its nature so multi-faceted and its definitions so wide and sometimes artificial, we can only try to get straight to the point. Because the textile world wants to choose among real options.

We all know what Made in Italy should mean: quality. But what does quality refers to here? Of course, giving guarantees about where and how a product is realized. Ensuring production continuity, sure. Let’s include the so-called know-how that any strong company has built and guarded for decades. All of these elements are the basis of a company such as Biancalani and make it possible that quality is a certainty in the production process, from the beginning to the final client. It’s sort of a chain of quality that gives a proper definition of Made in Italy. But that’s not all.

Biancalani has earned merits on the field, i.e. creativity, being visionary. From mechano-textile constructor, the company has become a creator of ideas and projects. When clients went visiting Biancalani’s stand during expositions all over the world, they already knew they would be impressed and amazed by unique innovations. Manufacturers longed for it, as they are always looking for something new: new options to make their product so interesting it would be the first choice among many others.

In order to give something new is essential to fuel innovation coming from small and big ideas. This is Made in Italy added value. And ideas come from people, from someone saying “why don’t we…” on an ordinary day’s work. Two heads are better than one they say, but actually any head living the reality of a company on a daily basis can come up with a tiny idea fueling innovation.

Innovation means more options, it means giving something new to manufacturers who need it to sell their products. Therefore, if Made in Italy should always mean quality, it surely means people with innovative ideas. And this is not the same old story, but is getting straight to a point Biancalani understood decades ago, choosing the so-called “quality people” and making a difference that can be definitely called Made in Italy.


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