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  15 Jan 2020

How to make knitted fabric dimensionally stable con brio 

Beautiful unstable things need to be taken care of. And so do beautiful less unstable things. The one moment when they need to be made dimensionally stable is during the finishing process. Now, we are talking about fabrics, but our main topic is knitted fabric, to be exact. 

When end customers purchase designer clothes, they buy the guarantee to own top quality products that will keep that feature through the years. And what makes a knitted fabric top quality, apart from raw materials, is certainly the finishing process. That’s why we focus on BRIO®24, the one textile machinery patented by Biancalani completely devoted to knitted fabrics of any kind, composition and weight. Because it’s fundamental to add quality to a textile product such as knitted fabric.

International buyers are more and more frequently asking for that knitted fabric dimensional stability because that’s what big brands demand. BRIO®24 makes it possible to reach the highest possible shrinkage and permanent stability compared to any other textile machinery – both in tubular and open form – with near-zero residuals after washing. Biancalani guarantees these results for any kind of knitted fabric, even the lighter ones, more likely to shrink after the final purchase. But let’s go step by step.ù

The market supplies plenty of traditional tumbler driers, but there are two core problems with that: small production quantities and the fabric tangling up and becoming knotted. Moreover, a traditional drier means the fabric is in constant contact with the conveyor belt while BRIO®24 makes the fabric literally fly over it, reducing the so-called spirality.

The litmus test for a good textile machinery is making the manufacturer so confident they dare to take different, new and often profitable productive roads.

That has happened thanks to BRIO®24, for nano shrinkage, a brand-new product with extreme dimensional stability, has been launched on the market recently. The manufacturer is now getting a new share of the market and that’s a real achievement in an everyday more competitive textile market. Manufacturers have to find their way through it and BRIO®24 is their ultimate effective support.

In fact, BRIO®24 is meant to be used for big industrial productions, but with an eye for quality. The secret is being the evolution of a special niche machinery, BRIO®. That’s how BRIO®24 is actually a highly productive machinery but keeping those special niche results, the ultimate continuous drying solution for open width and tubular knitted fabric by Biancalani. Still uncertain about its performances? Just give it a try. Anytime. A nice, dimensionally stable, soft hand knitted fabric is now possible and BRIO®24 can break new ground.


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