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  12 May 2020

The safest parachutes ever, for every possible need

Let’s say the obvious. Biancalani boasts on-site Service Centers located in many world’s textile areas: United States, South America, Asia, Europe, Turkey, India, Indonesia. Just in the past few weeks, Biancalani has completed commissioning in India, Turkey and China precisely because of Service Centers. What is not obvious is how this local and remote assistance actually works, so that clients got their bases covered without any additional cost. Let’s call things by their real names: Biancalani assistance is the safest parachute ever.

As per local Service Centers, for more than 10 years – actually, more than 20 years in some specific areas – Biancalani has guaranteed real advantage to customers both in terms of time savings and instant support. That means years of experience, highly specialized and well-trained local technical staff capable of handling any kind of situation, from the installation and commissioning of Biancalani Textile Machineries to solving any kind of issue. 

Local professionals are a real flagship. Not only Biancalani looks for skilled personnel, no matter how long it takes to spot them, but then it makes sure they receive an accurate training on site and/or at Biancalani headquarters. In fact, first of all local professionals are assisted by Biancalani experts and actually see how a machinery must be assembled, asking technicians any question. Therefore, they are prepared to deal with installation, commissioning, diagnostics and any possible issue. In addition, thanks to a continuative experience, local technicians actually know the client and their working context and can take an effective action.

Biancalani does not like the procedure of installing textile machinery on site without having it assembled, commissioned and tested first.

Before shipping the machine, Biancalani handles a thorough acceptance test, which allows a faster commissioning and thus makes it incredibly easy for the client to have a ready, operating machinery without any additional time and money waste. And Biancalani experts are at disposal thanks to remote service.

In fact, remote assistance adds even more fast, professional and effective support for the client. Upon request of the customer – who provides access to the software – any of Biancalani Textile Machineries can be connected in real time to receive remote assistance both from local professionals and technicians of the Italian headquarters. Thus, experts will identify and solve any problem or update the software, without any additional cost or waste of time for the customer.

Biancalani is not only a creator of ideas, a reference, a travel companion, an attentive and caring guide for every user of its products. It means a service for any possible need, a parachute which makes the client feeling safe and free to make the difference in the thriving textile market.


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