Biancalani: leading Innovators in Fabric Finishing and Preparation

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  30 Oct 2023
agent Biancalani Italy during ITMA 2023 Milan

Biancalani, a company deeply rooted in the Prato textile district, specializes in developing, constructing, and selling machinery for fabric finishing and preparation across all fabric types.

This region, renowned for its vibrant textile sector, makes Tuscany and Italy famous worldwide, thanks to companies like Biancalani that contribute significantly to the global textile industry.

A Legacy of Innovation and Tradition

Since the 1950s, Biancalani has blended artisanal expertise with innovative capabilities. CEO Rossano Biancalani recalls, “Our company has been integral to Prato's textile industry since my father, Fiorenzo Biancalani, started with machines for washing, fulling, and wool finishing. Today, Biancalani is a global entity that merges quality craftsmanship with industrial efficiency, dynamically competing in international markets.”

Over the years, Biancalani has gained extensive experience and expanded its market reach, underlining its strong export orientation. The company designs and manufactures advanced solutions, machinery, and complete lines for fabric preparation and finishing. Supported by a dedicated team and a robust network of local suppliers, Biancalani transforms innovative ideas into reality.

Customer-Centric Innovation

Rossano Biancalani explains the process of creating fabric preparation and finishing machinery: “We begin by listening to our customers. We then plan, design, build, and continuously refine our solutions based on customer feedback. Our goal is to develop original, innovative, and sustainable solutions that fully meet our customers’ needs.”

Rossano Biancalani with new innovation AIRO24 DUETTO

Biancalani’s commitment to customer satisfaction includes allowing clients to test machinery and receive technological consulting, ensuring they are well-informed and autonomous in their operations. The company’s ethos is rooted in the value of "Made in Italy" – a mark of flexibility, quality, and innovation that prioritizes customer needs.

Diverse and Sustainable Solutions

Biancalani’s product range is extensive. It includes versatile solutions like AIRO® and its continuous evolutions, AQUARIA® (for tumble washing and special wet treatments), and AIRO®24 (for continuous drying and softening). Additionally, they offer AIRBOX for drying and the classic IDRA and MILLA machines for milling and scouring.

A notable achievement for Biancalani is the "Green Label" certification for AQUARIA® and AIRO®24, awarded in collaboration with ACIMIT and RINA. This certification underscores the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of Biancalani's technological solutions.

Global Reach and Personal Touch

Biancalani isn’t just a top-level company; it’s a trusted partner offering expert advice on developing new products and textile treatments. The company’s network spans over 50 countries, from Europe to Japan, the USA to Argentina, and beyond, consistently adding value and satisfaction to its global clientele.

The Secret to Success

The secret to our success,” says Rossano Biancalani, “is transparency. We say what we do and do what we say. Embracing challenges is our motivation. Our primary challenge is to develop more efficient, competitive solutions that reduce the textile production chain’s environmental impact. Our planet needs it.”

Biancalani's dedication to innovation, quality, and sustainability continues to make a significant impact on the textile industry, embodying the excellence of "Made in Italy."

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