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  31 Aug 2021

The fact that Biancalani Textile Machinery has worked together with most of their agents for more than 20 years has a totally positive meaning: it’s a story of trust, of building strong working relationships, of giving continuity to a common-growth path. That’s classic Biancalani: the company prefers to build long-term relationships with one agent in a specific geographical area.

This kind of approach based on reliability is particularly important when talking about strategical markets: in addition to standard contracts, there’s sort of a gentleman agreement between Biancalani and the exclusive agent in a given region and mutual trust is the key to everything. Thanks to agents, who show their faces, clients know they can trust Biancalani. Sometimes, Biancalani has chosen agents with a long, successful professional history; then, other times, fresh agents have been hired and the mutual trust resulted in mutual growth. And nobody ever backed off, nor during economic crisis or the last pandemic. If agents must be more than reliable, the same goes for Biancalani, a company where issues such as regular payments of commissions are handled in all seriousness and paying attention to deadlines. Again, trust must be mutual.

If many relationships have lasted for more than 20 years, some of them have achieved an even higher goal: a more than 30-year-long cooperation. This is the case of Turkey: together with the vital work of the agent, who has introduced very interesting clients and companies, Biancalani has really developed a multi-sectorial market, from textile for furniture and apparel to the terry fabric world. Portugal is another area where long-term relationships with the local agent did make the difference, with brilliant results and so many Biancalani machines installed and fully operative, in one of the European excellence in textile.

Talking about India, Biancalani is now present, with their agents, in all the biggest cities of the country, i.e. Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and New Dehli, Amedabad, to name a few. Branch offices provide instant support to clients, as they boast very performing service centers. Indian agents are the eyes, the ears and the arms of Biancalani and, considering that more than 10.000 km separate Biancalani headquarters from India, trust is even more the keystone for an effective business relationship.

As we all know, Belgium has a long tradition in textile industry, that dates back to the Middle Age. The Belgian textile market is one of a kind: small but very dynamic and qualitative, an important reference point for textile for furniture. And the Belgian agent for Biancalani has always been and still is present, always a step ahead. The same goes for the American agent, who has to handle all of the multi-faced features of a huge textile market such as the U.S.A. The cooperation has always been more than stable, both during good economic periods and moments of crisis in the market, with an eye for quality and knowhow. And that makes the difference.

Last but not least, agents are what companies need in order to know and understand the reality of different countries, because they know how to deal with local clients and keep reference companies informed about details of any kind, from market trends to the social and political situation. It’s sort of a strong chain of trust that ensures to the client an undeniable asset: a company that has been represented by a same agent for years gives the client certainties such as reliability, continuity and guarantees regarding the same company. For this reason and for its clientsBiancalani has always and deeply believed in that chain of trust.


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