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Combined woollen fabric washing and milling machine

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Combined washing and milling machine for all kind of woollen fabrics, woven or knitted

MILLA is a modern combined milling and washing machine that offers a unique hand of the woollen fabric thanks to the mechanical effect of natural permanent compaction.

This textile machine is fitted with an automatic water-steam mixing system makes it possible to heat the water to the right temperature (controlled by the PLC) while it is being introduced into the vat. Furthermore, a steam distributor located on the internal basin heats the water which drips there from the fabric before it is returned into the vat, thus maintaining the desired temperature.

MILLA: washing and wool milling have never been so simple

Pure-wool or blended, carded or worsted, woven or knitted: MILLA is the ideal solution for washing and fulling any type of wool fabric.

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Technical specifications

Number of channels
Loading capacity
150 Kg/channel
Treatment speed
25-500 m/min
Distance between fabric guide wings
50-170 mm
Capacity of tank for chemical products
600 l
Maximum water capacity of the vat
2500 l
Maximum water temperature
60° C
Installed electrical power
68 kW
Average absorbed electrical power
45 kW
Dimensions (W x L x H)
4400x4600x3300 mm
Depth of foundation
750 mm
6000 Kg
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