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Combined modular washing and milling machine with independent channels

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Washing and milling machine for woollen fabrics with independent milling boxes

IDRA is the textile finishing machine designed to independently wash and mill woollen fabrics of different compositions

Biancalani IDRA is designed to overcome typical milling problems in woollen fabrics, such as overall variable lengths and the natural, uneven reaction of the fabric to the treatment itself.

In the different IDRA channels it is possible to load fabrics of varying composition, length and weight because the parameters used in each individual channel do not influence those of the others; in fact the greatest innovation in the IDRA is that each channel is completely independent, so each will complete its pre-programmed cycle automatically, while the others will continue to operate until their own milling cycle reaches its conclusion, allowing the milling of different woollen fabrics independently.

Combined modular washing, milling, felting and compacting machine

Woven or knitted fabric, pure wool or blend, carded and combed: with IDRA it is possible to work any type of wool fabric.

The IDRA can be used for washing, milling, felting and compacting woven or knitted fabric, pure wool or blend, in weights ranging from 100 to 1200 grammes per linear metre, for men’s and women’s clothing, automotive, home textile, and special purpose materials such as billiards table cloth.

Automatic stoppage when objective reached

Milling time has been reduced by 30% in comparison to traditional milling machines, thanks to the automatic shrinkage percentage control, that results in process termination as soon as the pre-set value has been reached, and with the sewing point automatically positioned in front of the operator through the application of markers on the fabric.

Air-jet fabric repositioning

The machine is equipped with an air-jet device at the exit point of the milling box which enables the fabric to open up, change position, and to relax completely before undergoing the stress of milling once again. This device makes it possible to avoid the formation of creases and permanent strains in the fabric: its specific positioning aids the milling action by lightly compressing the fabric.

Water heating system

Upon client request, it is possible to install a water-steam mixing system with an automatic thermostat regulatory device that allows the user to add hot water to the bath almost immediately. A steam distributor located on the internal basin, in certain conditions, allows for the water in the bath to be kept hot by heating the water that drips from the fabric into the basin itself, and from here, again in the main bath.

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Technical specifications

Number of channels
2 4
Loading capacity
150 Kg/channel
150 Kg/channel
Treatment speed
30-600 m/min
30-600 m/min
Distance between fabric guide wings
50-170 mm
50-170 mm
Capacity of tank for chemical products
300 l/cad.
300 l/cad.
Maximum water capacity of the vat
1200 l
2500 l
Maximum water temperature
60° C
60° C
Installed electrical power
53 kW
81 kW
Average absorbed electrical power
44 kW
50 kW
Dimensions (W x L x H)
2550x2900x4150 mm
3750x3000x4150 mm
Depth of foundation
500 mm
500 mm
6000 Kg
9500 Kg
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