20 April 2022

Biancalani bets on Techtextil North America

Creativity, research and the old good handshaking are the reasons why Biancalani bets on Techtextil North America, taking place in Atlanta coming May. High-performance technical textiles and nonwovens are the present and future of the business. At Biancalani, we are creators of textile machineries for special treatments. Needless to say, we are looking forward to attend Techtextil as exhibitors, but also to participate in the discussion about research, innovation and creativity.”

Rossano Biancalani, CEO of the company, describes Techtextil North America as “a key exhibition in the United States and America, where textile manufacturers and textile machinery creators really go deep in the high-tech textiles and nonwovens. Obviously, it all revolves around R&D. And last but not least, more than half of visitors come attend the exhibition because they are interested in textile machinery, innovation and developments, which is exactly what Biancalani offers to their clients.”

Techtextil encourages an ongoing partnership between academic programs and industry associations. “Biancalani has always been working closely with research institutes as per fabrics production and special treatments” Rossano Biancalani says. “It all usually starts from practical demands such as adding specific and special properties to textiles and nonwovens. Just as an example: polyester is endowed with great mechanical features, but we want it to have properties such as wearability, breathability, softness and silk-like anti-bacterial features. That makes it high-tech and ideal for high-performance sportswear. Another example is cotton, a very “simple” fabric that becomes ultra-resistant to perforation and well-insulated from electrical shocks after special chemical and mechanical treatments, which makes it perfect for workwear. As already said: research and creativity are the real winning combination.”

Finally, the old good handshaking. The exhibition was postponed more than once and people are really looking forward meeting again. “Techtextil always means significant numbers and quality of both people and work. At last, we can shake hands again, talk face to face and see innovation first-hand, sharing ideas and thus boosting modern textile technology. In other words, I guess we are all ready to re-start.

Come and meet us and Symtech Inc., our partner for the US, from 17th to 19th of May 2022 at booth #2025.”

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