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  15 mar 2023

When talking about Chinese textile industry, there is one adjective that immediately comes to mind: speed. 

Speed of growth. Speed of recovery. Speed of change. Since the industry began to grow, speed has always been a constant. It obviously underlies dynamism and challenges to face, the same that Biancalani Textile Machinery and their partner for China, Santex Rimar Shanghai have tackled together since more than ten years.

As Mr. William Zhu, Biancalani’s agent for China, says, the two companies are stronger together. In fact, year after year they have become closer, more professional, firmer and better at listening to each other – which results in learning from each other. Santex Rimar Shanghai is obviously the connecting ring between Biancalani and customers, and as such it provides the customer’s feedback to Biancalani as soon as possible so that improving production and remaining competitive are real possibilities.

Speed of change is once again what the textile industry demands to China. Until quite recently, textile business was very thriving and the industry kept on growing, but times are always changing. Speed of change is what is enabling Chinese textile industry to face new, sometimes unexpected challenges – the world is a village, isn’t it? – as its approach evolves from yield to quality. That evolution can definitely be supported by a company such as Biancalani.

As Zhu confirms, Biancalani is a famous brand in China already, to the point that most customers do appreciate the so-called AIRO® Hand – a special hand enriching the fabric after finishing it with AIRO® machinery by Biancalani. Zhu underlines that good service, R&D, sustainability, the high quality of machines and, not least, availability and kindness are Biancalani’s winning formula. Plus, the fact that Biancalani’s machines increase production capacity. As a result, more and more clients switch from competitors to Biancalani. 

The collaboration between Biancalani and Santex Rimar Shanghai will surely continue to be profitable and even more intense, especially in view of the important trade fair appointments in June with ITMA 2023 and November with ITMA Asia + CITME. On that occasion, brand new information on AIRO®24 will be disclosed, together with the latest AQUARIA® machine and the washing range by Biancalani, ready to revolutionize the washing methods of all types of fabric.

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