04 February 2022

Textile machinery manufacturers are hopeful for 2022

Biancalani Regional Sales Manager Michele Gabarra expressed that they are very pleased with the results obtained in 2021. He stated that they were not only able to reach their preliminary targets, but they also acquired important new customers and market segments which will play a relevant role in their future development, in particular regarding the new AQUARIA® open-width washing range. Gabarra pointed out that the pandemic forced all the actors on the stage to move away from their established roles and improvise new parts, saying; “In many cases, this actually turned out as a positive aspect, because it worked as an encouragement to approach new points of view and to open our minds towards possibilities which were possibly not considered before”.

Gabarra evaluated the effects of the fluctuation in the Turkish Lira and stated; “An important number of Turkish companies, representing the majority of our potential customers took the strategic decision to carry on their investment plan in spite of the depreciation because they reckon the importance of 2022 as a watershed year for the Turkish textile market. As a consequence, our activities were just marginally affected by the depreciation of the Turkish lira, and we are confident that next year will bring success to all those companies which chose to never slow down”.

Gabarra said; “We are positive that 2022 will mark the definitive exit from the sanitary emergency which forced everyone to adopt a different model in business relationships” and stated that they will participate in important international trade shows such as ITM Istanbul, ITMA Asia and Techtextil North America. Gabarra ended his words as follows; “At the same time, 2022 will be the preparatory year in which our new ideas and technologies are taking shape, considering the next milestone and springboard event: ITMA 2023, where the new features and modules of AQUARIA® will also be on display”.

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