06 July 2020

Back to the coat

From Hollywood movies and business trips to the everyday life, coat is back. Is it? The truth is that coat is an evergreen piece of clothing that never goes out of fashion. Simply, nowadays it is experiencing a new lucky and durable streak. From Max Mara icon coats to Zara, H&M and other big brands, woollen coats are present in all fashion stores. Even if down jackets have been the “it” piece of clothing for some time, the demand for coats and woollen clothes has never halted and has unbelievably increased in recent years. As a result, woollen fabrics are more and more requested and the textile world is well aware of this situation.

If coat is an evergreen in fashion history, IDRA and MILLA machineries by Biancalani – the first one is a combined modular washing and milling machine with independent channels, while the second is a combined washing and milling machine – are the milestones of woollen fabric manufacturing. Let’s just take a step back: Biancalani Textile Machinery is born as a creator of wool-processing machines customized according to the specific needs of clients, also being the first to introduce stainless steel in the machinery structure. As a fundamental part of the company’s history, wool manufacturing is a milestone that has never gone out of fashion, experiencing innovation and improvements instead. In fact, thanks to IDRA and MILLA, Biancalani ensures the best results ever in washing and milling any type of woollen fabric: pure-wool or blended, carded or combed, woven or knitted.

idra section

The resulting woollen fabrics are used in fashion business – for men’s and women’s clothes – but also in home décor, automotive industry and for special purposes such as billiard baizes. Those products are sold all over the world, that’s why fabrics have to be close to perfection as per their quality. This is possible only thanks to mechano-textile machines designed to overcome typical milling problems in woollen fabrics manufacturing. Going into a couple of details, IDRA and MILLA are equipped with an air-jet device – patented and constantly innovated by Biancalani – that ensures the absence of creases and permanent strains in the fabric. In addition to this, milling time has been significantly reduced with special attention to limit consumption and thus preserving the environment. Visit Biancalani website for more details.

milla machine testing

Furthermore, IDRA and MILLA can be used both for heavy fabrics and lightweight articles manufacturing, ensuring a deep milling action on the first and a safe one on delicate fabrics. Obviously, the milling step is at the core of wool manufacturing and thus of what we see in big brand stores. Nowadays, brands are attentive to details and their motto is “always demand the best and never settle for anything less”. That’s because end customers are well informed, they read labels and know what they want from a brand. In order to meet their requests, everyday more manufacturers are choosing Biancalani Textile Machinery, as suggested by big brands.

No creases, best quality, sustainability. Those are the characteristics of woollen fabrics manufactured with IDRA an MILLA. What do you think fashion brand buyers and billiard baizes experts, would choose?

milla fabrics milling machine

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